Spectator Staff Playlist - October 2021

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Wednesday, October 6th, 2021 at 9:01 AM
Spectator Staff Playlist - October 2021 by Julia Carden
Artwork by Eric Johnson
 The Lumineers – “BRIGHTSIDE” 

This song was released as a single for The Lumineers upcoming studio album, also titled, “BRIGHTSIDE.” The Lumineers are one of my favorite bands – and before this single, they hadn't released any music since 2019. Their latest release is perfect for Fall listening and relaxing or even while studying. This new tune is a good stepping point for the well-known American folk band, and I can't wait to hear the rest of the album.  

 – Julia Carden 


AJR – “Way Less Sad” 

I’ve enjoyed AJR for a couple years ago, around 2016 when I heard “Weak”. Since then, I’ve checked in on their songs and albums and enjoyed many, but this one has been stuck in my head for a few weeks. I tend to enjoy happy sounding songs, that aren’t quite too happy. It also has me excited to see them in May. 

– Emma McNeeley 


Aliotta Haynes Jeremiah – “Beam Me up Scotty” 

While I’m not overly particular about the kind of music I listen to — my playlists tend to consist mainly of older songs, but I’m always happy to vibe along to whatever my friends put on — I do enjoy “Beam Me up Scotty” by Aliotta Haynes Jeremiah. The song starts off with a long bass and cowbell duo with added entertaining UFO sound effects, and eventually crescendos into some funky lyrics based on the popular 1960s Television show. As a Star Trek fan, I find this song hilarious, and fitting of the original series. 

— Hazel Modlin  


Beetlejuice The Musical (Leslie Kritzer & Sophia Anne Caruso)– “... No Reason”   

I’m all about listening to musicals on long drives. While I’m not super into the movie Beetlejuice I was convinced to go to see the musical on Broadway in 2019. It was my first Broadway experience and I got to share it with staff from The Clarion Call.  Now that it’s October, Beetlejuice is on repeat more than usual.  This number is one of my favorites.  The lyrics are great - Lydia and Delia are going back and forth about “the universe” and “science”.  While they carry on, we get some insight into why Delia clings so hard to her positive thinking.  By the end of the song, we figure out that in life stuff happens and it’s how you react that really matters. 

– Dr. Fulton 

Thomas Rhett - “Where We Grew Up” 
Thomas Rhett has really evolved as a person over the last few years, and a large part of this is because of becoming a father of little girls. This fact shows in his latest album called Country Again. Rhett’s songs are much deeper than those about drinking beer and living the high level of a musical sensation. This song takes me back to my small, rural country town, Ridgway, Pennsylvania, and makes me remember all the great times I have had with some of the hardest working and kind folks I have known so far in my life.  
   Nate Steis  

Abe Parker - “Empty House” 

I’ve never heard of Abe Parker before and I don’t really listen to any of his other music, but this song spoke wonders the first time I heard it. It’s hard to describe anxiety and why you can’t do all the things your peers are doing. As someone with anxiety, I struggle each and every day, from the dining hall to sitting in own dorm. Sometimes it can be overwhelming not having words, but this song describes exactly what it feels like to be anxious.  

– Alexander Bea 


Phoebe Bridgers - “I Know the End” 

Phoebe Bridgers has rocketed to fame over the last few years, creating quite the fanbase for herself while being renowned as an exceptional songwriter throughout her career. Bridgers is known for the dark undertones and dreadful themes in her songs that truly strike a nerve for most listeners, and her song “I Know the End” does nothing short of that. The song starts off with a quieter, more mellow beat and crescendos into an incredibly devastating and thundering end, with amazing lyrics and vocals for Bridgers. The smooth tones and overall impact of the song make it a must add to any fall playlist.  

– Julia Petrovich 


Yard Act – “The Overload” 

This post-punk wordy British song is an amusing compilation of phrases that James Smith, writer and singer, describes as bits of conversation come together for an eavesdropper in a bar. The song eventually focuses through the eyes of Graeme, one of their recurring characters. The music is minimalistic, but the songs are lively and entertaining. The Overload was released at the beginning of last month, and the band’s first full album will be dropping in January next year. 

– Violet Vance 


Neil Young - “Heart of Gold” 

I first heard this song in the 2018 film, “Beautiful Boy,” featuring well-known actors Timothée Chalamet and Steve Carrell. It’s a song I have and would continue to play on repeat. Based on a true story, this film features the perfect duality of the highs in life and its many lows. This song feels like a further reflection on all of the good things one can experience in life and what’s left to be explored. The softer instrumental and ballad-like lyrics make it an essential on any traveling or study playlist. 

– Cassandra Gripp 


The Beatles - “Penny Lane”  

This song has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. It is a formative song to my being as a person that will always remind me of happy memories and my family. You could also put it on at any location any time and be transported to somewhere magical.  

– Samantha Mannion 

The Spectator Staff October 2021 Playlist can be listened to via Spotify, here.

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