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Wednesday, December 5th, 2018 at 6:44 PM

With graduation just around the corner, Edinboro professors took some time to give credit where credit was due, choosing a few students that have done exceptionally well from their departments. These students were Piper Olsen, receiving her Bachelor of Fine Arts in applied media arts, with a concentration in graphic and interactive design; Kyle Meyers, who double majored in digital media production (journalism department) and geography, with a concentration in environmental studies; and Sarah Hazel, who will be receiving a Bachelor of Science in geology. We spoke to each of these students about their Edinboro experiences.

“My experience here has been nothing short of great, due to the wealth of knowledge and support that the professors provide,” said Olsen. She continued, “My words of advice would be to be unafraid to try new things and to get involved with clubs and extra-curricular activities in areas that interest you.” Olsen has accepted a position as a graphic designer at Actual Size in Pittsburgh. 

Myers talked about his decision in coming to EU and said: “In high school, I received a full ride academic scholarship that in many ways ‘sealed the deal’ in terms of my college choice. I also have a few relatives who were alumni of the university in the past.” He continued, “Being from Erie, I wanted something outside of the city, but not too far from home.”

Hazel said about ‘Boro: “The size and set-up the campus had was a big decision factor. The location of Edinboro was another — I love being close to Erie and within a few hours of Pittsburgh.” Following graduation, she has a job lined up with oil and production research company, Reservoir Group. “I will be a surface logger — which means I’ll be identifying rock samples that come up from the drills. It is pure geology work, so I am excited to be able to use my degree directly in a job right after graduation,” she explained. “I landed this job by having connections with Edinboro alumni, which reinforces why having connections is so important.”

Myers talked about the importance of getting involved, by explaining how he worked with Edinboro Campus Media, created his own freelance media business, and released two albums with his band — all while maintaining a solid GPA. “I’ve had a great experience meeting new people and branching out to new connections that will help me in the future,” he stated. “I’ve found out how I best operate and learned that times can be real tough, but sometimes you need to turn your headphones up and dredge through the snow to your next exam period and things will end up brighter in the end.”

Hazel wanted younger students to know that it is okay to change your major, even if it means that you will be here for longer than four years. “It is worth finding something you’re passionate about and are fully going to enjoy in life,” she explained. “It is important to make connections to your professors and peers, and to attend career fairs. Connections are what will most likely land you a job after graduation.”

The soon-to-be graduates also stated a few things they will miss about Edinboro and provided some words to the faculty. 

“I’m going to miss Edinboro and am so grateful for my time here,” said Olsen.

Hazel said, “I want to thank the geoscience faculty for providing me with the opportunities that I have had. I am proud to soon be an Edinboro alumni.”

Myers left off with: “I would like to thank all of my professors that have helped me and inspired me. I’ve done a lot in my time here, yet it’s crazy to think that it’ll be over so soon.” He continued: “I’ve seen this campus come together to fight on the picket lines and unite under times when newspaper headlines would try to polarize student body opinions. Even with all of Edinboro’s snow, I’ll always be proud of EU, no matter where I go.”

As part of the undergraduate ceremony, student Rachel Shirey, a Portersville, Pennsylvania native, will speak. She is graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in studio arts degree. 

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