Stand-up wraps up fall semester with smiles

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Wednesday, December 5th, 2018 at 6:46 PM

Hidden talents, flatulence and being a wedding DJ were a few of the topics covered during a recent comedy hour at Edinboro University. 

Wearing a plaid poncho, black pants and festive red nails, Regina DeCicco, a stand-up comedian, entertained members of a small yet engaged crowd in the theater at the Frank G. Pogue Student Center on Sunday. This event was sponsored by the University Programming Board (UPB).

Making sure that everybody felt included, like “family” in her words, she began by asking people for their names and their current experiences. 

DeCicco, who has worked in comedy for over nine years now, encouraged honesty from audience members, both about themselves and her, which led to a discussion about her voice. 

She shared that during one performance, someone told her that she sounded like the character Roz from the film “Monster’s Inc.”  Throughout her younger years, especially when talking on the phone, people assumed that she was ill with bronchitis or tired. 

This continues with her current work.

One student who attended and works as a DJ, running his own business, shared that he dislikes providing service at weddings, yet DeCicco jumped around and jokingly suggested different ways that the audience could provide excitement together as a band, which brought about smiles and laughter from everyone.

Some students had just returned from a group trip to New York City where DeCicco is from, and experiences were shared as jokes were made about saving time while sightseeing.

True love was another topic, and DeCicco wanted students to keep in mind that the reality of love is more like “Shrek” than “Cinderella.” She shared a story that instead of flowers or a gift, her husband brought her cold tater tots during a performance, but she still appreciated it.

This led to discussing bodily functions, both inside of outside of relationships, which led to students showing hidden albeit natural talents of their own, both involving noises and sometimes full-body movements, such as backbends and shoulder pops.

Student Malachi Schafer, who moved his jaw abnormally as part of this discussion, praised DeCicco upon the show’s end, saying that she “made [Pogue Theater] feel full,” despite the low attendance. Another student felt the attendance actually made the event more enjoyable, especially with personal interaction.

Both DeCicco and Dan Rulander, a student who has practiced comedy, agreed on the difficulty and self-doubt that comes with it. 

“It’s very tough sometimes, she said.”

Referring to her first performance: “I didn’t hate it and that’s when I knew I would never stop doing it.”

The biggest surprise of it all is “being in the car alone” while driving to shows.

She stressed that being nice is important and has gotten her to many places, such as doing behind-the-scenes work for famous talk shows during their commercial breaks. She has even met television host and actress Whoopi Goldberg.

She also shared that her performances are more personal than observational in order to keep the crowd engaged and happy.

Doing live stand-up keeps her motivated, because despite the excitement of being on TV and traveling, a hobby she enjoys, fame is no guarantee.

“Nothing changes,” she said.

This was DeCicco’s first visit to Edinboro, and she liked the environment along with its wheelchair accessibility compared to other locations.

DeCicco was unfamiliar to students as a pair of friends arrived for what they agreed was the same reason.

“I just wanted something to do and I heard it was good, so I thought ‘Why not?’,” said Samantha Hyatt, a freshman.

Dan Rulander, one of the UPB co-presidents, said that this event helped to represent the organization’s goals, which include creating “a platform for student networking” that he feels is improved due to the work of UPB.

What he enjoys most about these events, including this one, is seeing students come together.

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