Student victim speaks up about Halloween weekend hit and run incident

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Wednesday, November 9th, 2016 at 11:20 PM
Student victim speaks up about Halloween weekend hit and run incident by Macala Leigey
Photo: Macala Leigey

Nearly two weeks ago, an Edinboro University student was hit by a car in the Edinboro McDonald’s parking lot during the early morning hours of Oct. 29, following a physical altercation.

The victim of this collision, Dominique Cymone, was struck by the front end of a car, and rolled over the top of the hood before making contact with the ground. After striking Cymone, the unidentified driver left the McDonald’s parking lot at a rapid speed in an unknown direction.

“I don’t know what caused it (the physical altercation). I was just making sure my friends were okay, [and] a big altercation broke out. Then when everything de-escalated, she (the driver) left, came back and hit me from behind while I was walking to my ride,” Cymone said.

She continued, “I do not know her [the driver]; she does not know me. This was the first time I ever saw her in my life. I assume she wanted to look ‘tough’ in front of people or she was just really angry and took it out on me. Either way, not okay. There is no reason to hit me, or anyone, with a car.”

Several witnesses, and friends of Cymone, rushed to her aid after the incident occurred. Cymone was able to stand after the incident and was transported to UPMC Hamot for treatment of her injuries.

“The [hospital] experience was terrible. They (hospital staff) did not clean or bandage my wounds, [or] check to see if I had a concussion; [they] refused to write a prescription for pain medication, and gave me two Tylenol tablets after I was discharged because I asked, again, for something for the pain I was in,” Cymone said.

Edinboro Borough Police responded to the incident, and charges being filed against the driver are not known at this time.

“It’s still under investigation,” said Chief Police Officer Jeff Craft of the Edinboro Police Department. Craft was unable to release any further information regarding the incident at this time. 

Macala Leigey is the news editor for The Spectator. She can be reached at

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