Students, alums offer up homecoming memories

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Thursday, October 4th, 2018 at 11:49 AM

Homecoming is a time of laughter, shenanigans and the kick off to the fall season for many students and alumni of Edinboro University. It is a time when the small, quiet town of Edinboro, PA becomes a town of partying, fun and drunken past students reliving their college years for two days annually. With so little going on in the town, homecoming allows people to come back and see friends they haven’t seen in years while making all new memories, as well as remembering memories from past years.

How can we account for everything that happens in Edinboro during these two short days? We ask the students and alumni of the university to help us recount for past homecoming years and also relive the excitement of this past weekend.

Logan Lilly, graduate of EU in 2015, said, “My favorite homecoming memory has probably always been the parade. As a part of Edinboro Campus Media we were in it a few times so that was always fun but also just how all of them came together too. I always love seeing photographers from the Spectator running around getting pictures, ETV doing their parade coverage and WFSE doing their live remote from outside the football game. Also having an excuse to wear my kilt.”

Kayla Vlassich, graduate of EU in 2016, stated at the parade, “I love Edinboro. I love that everyone comes together for this one weekend, no matter where you’re currently at. I also love the sound of bagpipes everywhere you go.”

The parade was a ton of fun this weekend, with being able to see all the clubs on campus, to the local high school marching band and of course the bagpipes. Everyone seemed to have a wonderful time during the excitement of it all.

Saige Johnston, graduate of EU in 2018, also stated during the parade, “I love drinking hot coffee and watching everyone go by. All of my friends are here and we have bagels, so really what else could we ask for?”

“I love seeing people I haven’t seen since they left. The homecoming experience is one I have been able to watch and engage in in many contexts- from catching candy as a child with my entire family, to marching in the General McLane band for five years in the parade, to being a student at Edinboro and attending Kegs and Eggs and other events. The whole weekend has something for everyone,” said Dan McClune, junior at EU.

Brittany Boyle, graduate of EU in 2015, says, “My favorite part about Edinboro Homecoming is getting together with past college friends and professors that I typically don’t get to see on a regular basis. Homecoming activities like the parade bring us together to share our successes and the exciting things happening in our lives.”

“As an alumni, my favorite memory was last year when I brought both of my kids (2 years old and 2 months old) to the parade and to my sorority’s (Alpha Sigma Alpha) alumnae tea event. It was 8 years since I graduated so taking my kids to an event that I used to help plan just not so long ago was pretty surreal,” said Jaime McCaslin, EU graduate of 2009, “As a student, my favorite memory would have to be my first homecoming in 2005 and seeing how much spirit and pride the students had for the university.” 

Many people said the parade and catching up with old friends is their favorite part of homecoming, with so much to choose from, it’s difficult for some people to choose only one memory. This past weekend seemed to go off without a hitch and  Edinboro now has another successful homecoming under its belt. We hope that everyone had a safe and enjoyable weekend.

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