Students elect Al Halaby as new EUSGA president, group wants to improve communications

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Monday, February 8th, 2021 at 2:40 PM
Students elect Al Halaby as new EUSGA president, group wants to improve communications by Emma McNeeley
Contributed Photo: Majd Al Halaby

Edinboro University’s Student Government Association (EUSGA) held its annual executive board election in November 2020, with participating students electing new president Majd Al Halaby and the organization’s E-board. Al Halaby started his position with other new board members Dec. 7. 

“Nothing gives me greater pleasure than to be serving the students,” said Al Halaby, who previously served as the EUSGA director of public relations. “When I first got to Edinboro, all the way from the country of Lebanon, I sensed the potential of its campus primarily emanating from the students themselves. The clubs, the organizations, the talents and the energy that I felt was all new to me. I realized how unique this experience was and how important it is for the students to know that there is some kind of body, in this case SGA, that will preserve their energy and talents and provide them with the campus they need to enrich those talents.” 

EUSGA aims to represent the interests and concerns of students. It helps to make decisions on those concerns, distributes funds for programming and student organizations, and more.

With a new E-Board and president in place, we asked in this late 2020 interview about the first issues they will take on.

“Communication is one of the major issues that impeded the outreach of the student government for several years. We do not communicate with the students enough, especially when it comes to sensitive topics that affect them directly,” he said. “Another issue is the lack of purpose for students to be involved in SGA. We have always been seen as an authoritarian bank with impossible inefficiency, but the truth is that SGA exists because of the clubs and organizations. Without them, we are nothing!”

Al Halaby has plans for combating these issues. “Over winter break, the new E-Board will be on a ‘restoration and renovation’ mission where we will attempt to put certain programs in action. Two immediate programs that are still in the works are ‘SGA Talks’ and ‘SGA Deputies.’ We are hoping that by the end of winter break those two will be put into action.”

“‘SGA Talks’ will be focused on the flow of information from the university to the students, strengthening the existing communication network between the two and creating new channels for the dialogue. The goal is to connect the university with the students through a strong link that ensures that all necessary information is being delivered from EU to the students, and vice versa,” he said.

“SGA Deputies” is a program for the clubs and activities that would provide better communication between them and the E-Board. “It is impossible to effectively serve the students and attend to their concerns if we do not have the necessary tools and resources to do so,” he said. “‘SGA Deputies’ will condense the vast number of clubs and organizations into smaller clusters, that will have one or two people each delivering their concerns to the E-Board along with [EUSGA] Congress.”

They would also like to see growth in student representation. “SGA will embark on a campaign to gather as many students as possible to collect their input on the topics we will send their way, mainly integration discussions,” Al Halaby explained. “From working on expanding Congress, to reaching out to students that have never heard of us before, I want to make sure we are representing all the students.”

According to EngageEU and the EUSGA page, these are the officers around Al Halaby this semester: Erika Goss (parliamentarian), Kaitlyn Lentz (vice president), Jackson Donovan (public relations), Emily Muniz (secretary) and Forrest Hensley (treasurer).

Emma McNeeley is the News Editor for The Spectator. She can be reached at

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