Students Headed to Harrisburg

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Wednesday, February 3rd, 2016 at 8:43 PM

When looking for records to hold, most places aim for best customer service, or great employees. With approximately 12 months under its belt, Pennsylvania state lawmakers continue to break the record for the longest budget impasse in modern history.

Places like schools, hospitals and prisons that received aid from the state are now in jeopardy of closing down.

Now, it’s hitting close to home here at Edinboro.

The Student Government Association and the Association of Pennsylvania State College and University Faculties (APSCUF, the faculty union) are joining together to send Edinboro students to a rally in Harrisburg in an effort to “advocate for increased funding for Pennsylvania’s state-owned universities,” according to an email sent to students on behalf of SGA President Lee Galt.

Several faculty will also be attending the event.

Dr. Samuel Claster, an assistant professor for the department of sociology as well as co-chair for the EU APSCUF Mobilization Committee, is one attending in hopes to “raise awareness among politicians and the general public regarding much needed financial support to the PASSHE system,” adding that Harrisburg funds almost 22 percent of our state universities.

Students are encouraged to attend. They may have the opportunity to speak with legislators and engage in political action.

“They should go because this issue impacts the quality of education they receive at Edinboro University of Pennsylvania as well as their personal financial situation,” said Claster.

“It is important that faculty, students and alumni come together to represent Edinboro University in Harrisburg. Especially on a topic that has such a profound impact on thelearning and working at our university and its surrounding communities,” added Claster.

The trip takes place on Feb. 8 and will provide free transportation and meals.

The bus will depart from Pogue Student Center at 5 a.m. and return at approximately 11 p.m. that night.

If interested in attending this trip, students can sign up for a spot on the bus by contacting Cindy Stewart at or (814) 732-2313. Her office is located on the second floor of Pogue.

Karlee Dies is the Managing News Editor for The Spectator.

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