Students in CORE head outdoors

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Wednesday, September 30th, 2015 at 10:20 PM
Students in CORE head outdoors by Tracy Geibel
Campus Outdoor Recreation Experience (CORE) offers students chances to participate in a variety of outdoor activities, including skydiving, mountain biking and white water rafting.

A door opens at 10,000 feet, your ears picking up something only properly described as “loud.” You hear someone shout to you, over the swirling, gusting winds, “it’s almost time!”

You just watched two others disappear as they “flew” out the door. And now it’s your turn. You’re filled with adrenaline. In only a few seconds, a hundred thoughts may go through your mind. “What happens next?” “Why did I decide to do this?” “What if my parachute doesn’t open?”

Then, you’re falling at a rate of 140 miles per hour.

“It’s like you’re in a snow globe,” said Anthony Zassuto, who has gone skydiving three times.

Edinboro University’s Campus Outdoor Recreation Experience (CORE) offers students opportunities to participate in outdoor recreational activities like skydiving.

“It’s something that’s been on my bucket list,” Zassuto said. “And since CORE had it at half price, I thought I’d take the opportunities to go.”

Before this last skydiving trip, on Saturday, Sept. 19, Zassuto told the instructors accompanying students on the trip that he had gone twice previously. The instructor then allowed him to pull the parachute cord on the way down.

Zassuto’s favorite CORE activity is skydiving, but he also enjoys white water rafting and mountain bike trips.

While the next skydiving trip won’t be until next semester, CORE offers many trips throughout the semester. October 3 is a canoe trip and Oct. 17 is an aerial adventure.

Most of the trips are for about 12 to 24 students. To sign-up for the trips, they should stop by the climbing gym at the Frank G. Pogue Student Center two weeks before the trip that they wish to attend, according to Rachel McSeely, an intern at CORE. While it doesn’t have to be the first day of that two week period, the number of spaces are limited.

“We post things on Boro Sync and Facebook and just around the student center,” McSeely said. “We’re hoping to do a little more advertising in the future.”

To get in touch with CORE, students can visit their Facebook page, Campus Outdoor Recreation Experience, email or call (814) 732-2942.

Most of the trips cost only $5, but the skydiving, white water rafting and some others may be more. Skydiving costs $125.

“I think CORE is an important part of campus life because it allows individuals to get off campus and experience the outdoors in a new and exciting way,” McSeely said. “A lot of people don’t really think about all the different outdoor activities and the recreation that they can do, but it’s a good opportunity for them.”

Additionally, groups of students can sign-up for the university’s challenge course through CORE.

“Generally, the challenge course is for team building; you generally go with a group that you want to build a relationship with,” McSeely said. “Low elements are more for team building and high elements are more for thrill or conquering height fears.”

Tracy Geibels is the Campus Life Editor for The Spectator. She can be reached at

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