Students use Pinterest to find dorm decorating ideas

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Thursday, September 10th, 2015 at 12:01 PM
Students use Pinterest to find dorm decorating ideas by Brianna Giusti
If students are looking for ways to decorate their rooms and save space, they can turn to Pinterest for help. | Photo courtesy of MCT Campus

Since its launch in early 2010, the popular website Pinterest has been helpful for users in seeking out ideas for virtually anything. Pinterest has gone mobile as an app for iPhone and Android users.

Once signed up for an account, Pinterest users may add boards to their page as a way of saving ideas. There is no limitation on Pinterest boards, and there are endless possibilities of ideas to save, or as they call it “pin.”

Many popular boards on the flourishing website include wedding ideas, recipes, makeup looks and the ever so popular decorating tips. The decorating theme is not just about homes for families. There are many ideas relating to dorms and first apartments. A lot of inspiration for these pins comes from online websites such as PBTeen, Bed Bath and Beyond and Target. Every year, Bed Bath and Beyond and Target come out with school decorating lists relating to different types of styles.

A cute bedspread and wall decorations help make a bedroom feel homey. Target is the cheapest of the three and all offer affordable and quality products. PBTeen has a wide range of selections when it comes to bedspreads. They come in sets or separately. Whether the ideal pattern is stripes, polka dots, chevron, tie dye, or basic, PBTeen has it all. They also carry a variety of back to school items such as backpacks, home décor and so much more. Bed Bath and Beyond has all, if not almost all, of what students will need for their dorm or apartment. They separate their products by section, making it easy to find anything. The kitchen section has any cooking or bakeware utensils that students may need. The bed and bath section is home to bedspreads galore and many different patterned bath accessories.

Target is ideal for those on a budget, but still wanting cute and stylish items. They sell everything students can get at PBTeen or Bed Bath and Beyond for a cheaper price. There are a lot of awesome décor items that are almost always on sale at Target. On top of that, Target has back to school specials every year starting in the month of August. They often emphasize bookshelves, bedspreads, desk organization, closet organization and more.

Good ideas for those in dorms or renting from an apartment are Command strips. They are a great alternative to hanging picture frames or canvases without using nails. They are great because they leave no residue. Command strips come in a variety of types, alternating between holding up a pound or two to twenty.

Wax warmers are great alternatives for those that love candles. They can be found at almost any decorative or retail store. The wax being melted can also be found almost anywhere. Cheap yet good quality wax can be found even at Wal-Mart. Yankee Candle also does annual sales on wax for $1.

Another popular idea for those wanting a homey feel to their apartment uses four inexpensive items: string lights, clothes pins, any type of strong string and Command strips or tacks, for those that are allowed to use them. I

deas can be taken from anywhere. Knowing where the right products are for you and your price range can be found from the Internet or by browsing in store.

Brianna Giusti is a staff writer for The Spectator.

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