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Thursday, December 3rd, 2015 at 7:00 AM

There’s no arguing that finals week is the most stressful week of the semester: one can have anywhere from one to three finals back to back in a given day, students live in the library and everyone is extremely tired from the semester.

However, the most stressful part of finals week is possibly not finding out what grade you received on a final exam. Many professors, unless they use D2L, do not share with students what they earned on final exams. This leaves college students in a realm of nervousness and hopefulness until the grades come out after the semester is over.

This may not sound like a big deal to some, but to those students who have calculated that they need to earn an 84 percent to get an ‘A’ in the class or a 97 to pass the class, this can be incredibly stressful.

Senior, Sara Monahan has had classes in her time at Edinboro University where the professor has not shared the final exam test results with them. She said, “It’s very frustrating because you have to worry about whether or not you got that grade that can get you an ‘A’ in the class.”

“However, some classes I’ve had, including one this semester, have had online finals where it shows you how you did immediately. I really like online finals because that way I can receive instant feedback.”

Monahan continued, “I have one class this semester where our final is an essay, so I will be able to see on D2L probably within 24 hours of me submitting the essay how I did on it, which is really nice.”

Former Edinboro University student, Emily Zamierowski, agrees with Monahan. She has found it’s frustrating to have to wait some time to find out the outcome of a class.

“Over my time at Edinboro, I didn’t necessarily have a lot of professors who told us how we did on the final,” she said.

“I would sit in anticipation until final grades came out and just hope that I did well enough to keep my ‘A’ or receive an ‘A’ in the class.”

While it is not necessary for students to find out how they performed on a final exam, there is a significant gap of time between finals week and when final grades are released, a gap that is needed to give professors time to enter grades, but it might stress out college students, nonetheless.

Some college students need to have certain grade point averages to keep scholarships, play sports or remain in the Robert C. Weber Honors Program. If they are worried about maintaining that GPA, then the next two weeks of not knowing their grades could be filled with anxiety.

“I’m not one to worry about my final grades because I normally have a sense of what they will be, but it would be nice to find out right away instead of waiting two weeks,” junior Elijah Humes said. “Not all of my professors use D2L, so sometimes I just never find out how I do on a final exam.”

“I have to hope how I performed on the final is enough to keep my grade where I want it tobe.”

It’s a fair assumption to say that many college students would appreciate feedback on final exams before receiving their final grades. 

Dakota Palmer is a Staff Writer for The Spectator. 

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