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Wednesday, February 3rd, 2016 at 7:05 PM
Take A Stand Campaign at Edinboro by Leslie Shaeffer

If you have not picked up a copy of The Spectator from the second week of classes, you probably did not see the new campaign that has been launched on campus.

Take a Stand against Sexual Violence is a campaign that raises awareness of sexual assaults and domestic violence on campus, as well as initiating ways to prevent the problem from spreading more than it already has across campus. For the next nine weeks, I’ll discuss the ways that Title IX should be discussed on campus.

This week, I’ll explain what Title IX is and how it is being violated on college campuses. I should warn anyone who is reading this that there may be triggers in this article that may result in flashbacks. If you are a victim or survivor, please be cautious.

According to knowyourix.org, Title IX is a landmark federal civil rights law that prohibits sex discrimination in education. Most individuals always relate the law back to sports, but it is not only about sports, it also addresses sexual harassment, genderbased discrimination, and sexual violence in a variety of formations.

One of the most talked about cases involving Title IX on college campuses is the case at Florida State University involving former Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston and former FSU student Erica Kinsman. In 2012, Kinsman reported that she had been raped by a stranger somewhere off the campus of Florida State University. After the attack, she posted a plea for help on Twitter and a friend saw the post and called the police. From there, she was taken to the hospital that same night to have an examination done. Kinsman never identified who the person was until she heard Winston’s name being called out in a class that she had together with him.

According to a usatoday.com article, the series of events that unfolded resulted in a lack of cooperation from the university and various missteps that the police department took directly after the accusations were filed in December of 2012.

After the accusations from Winston’s fans took heat, Kinsman was forced to leave the university after being called inappropriate names and being accused of lying about the entire situation.

The dispute against the university has been settled by Kinsman receiving a check of $950,000, along with the university reforming its Title IX policy and taking action with several sexual assault prevention programs on its campus. Kinsman stated in an article that she would use the settlement money that the university gave to her to file her own case directly against Winston.

Florida State University neglected the Title IX law by defending their most valued player until there was a national championship inside their trophy case. In a New York Times article, writer Joe Nocera states that “one of the most important roles of a university is to impart values to its students.”

At Edinboro University, the office of social equity and the Take a Stand Against Sexual Violence committee takes any sexual violence situation seriously.

Leslie Shaeffer is a Staff Writer for The Spectator.

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