The Edinboro Game Expo blasts its way to Pogue

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Thursday, April 14th, 2016 at 11:26 AM
The Edinboro Game Expo blasts its way to Pogue by Britton Rozzelle

From walls of students showing off their work, to keynote presentations by industry professionals, the Edinboro Game Expo has been a source for development, discussion and education, and this year is set to be no different, according to Zachary Demmel, a Computer Science student at the university.

 “Edinboro Game Expo (EGX), is an expo for students that make games or animations, and it's a chance to have people show stuff off that they've been working on,” Demmel said. “We usually have game tournaments and try to get some industry speakers down too.”

 Last year, a member of developer, publisher and industry powerhouse Blizzard Entertainment (the creators of critically acclaimed game series such as Warcraft, Starcraft and Diablo) came to speak to students and critique projects, according to Demmel, which allowed many students the opportunity to learn from an industry professional in a way they may not have been able to otherwise.

This year, the team plans on relying on the assistance of local game industry professionals, like someone from Schell games (one of the largest game development firms in the state), and animator Joe Gran, who is responsible for viral YouTube sensations “Great, the show,” and “Dog of Wisdom.” The later has, since its date of uploading, reached almost 7 million views with countless shares throughout social media like Tumblr, Facebook and Vine. Demmel hopes that, much like last year, these standout guests will be able to help students hone their abilities and learn from people who have been in their shoes.

 “The last few EGX’s were honestly really amazing,” Demmel said via email. “The first was smaller and at the off campus activity center. It was a more intimate event… last year was much bigger.”

 In fashion with the standard set by last year’s EGX, which featured video game tournaments and live music by bands like Spethz, GNOSiS, With Signs Following and Special Guest. According to Demmel, similar activities will be available for attendees to enjoy this year as well.  

 “We’re planning on having another Smash Brothers tournament, as well as a duck game tournament, which is going to have a cash prize and a cheap entry fee,” Demmel said.

 In addition to the festivities, the expo is set to culminate around the senior game Development project, which Demmel is helping develop.

 The Edinboro Game Expo is scheduled to take place April 23 at 2 p.m. in Pogue Student Center Multipurpose rooms A and B and will feature the work of game development and animation students, as well as music, presentations and discussions. The event is open to all students and members of the community.

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