The Freshman Series: Anna of the North releases debut album

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Wednesday, September 13th, 2017 at 3:30 PM
The Freshman Series: Anna of the North releases debut album by Dakota Palmer

Anna Lotterud, better known as Anna of the North, released her debut album, “Lovers,” on Sept. 8. Lotterud’s album is a very mellow mixture of synth and contemporary pop.

The Norwegian singer has been active since 2014, which is when she released her first single, “Sway.” Since then, she’s released a few more singles and most famously been featured on Tyler, The Creator’s songs “Boredom” and “911/Mr. Lonely.”

“Lovers” tackles a lot of themes about love: longing, desire, breaking-up, getting together. Pretty much every aspect of dating.

Lotterud’s smooth vocals, along with the ‘80s sounding synth and rhythms, mix together to create a very vibrant, colorful sound. Lotterud’s voice itself is reminiscent of Halsey and Lauren Mayberry (Chvrches).

In the opener, titled “Moving On,” we’re immediately introduced to the upbeat, dance-inducing music that Lotterud features on the entire record. The song itself is about getting through a rough breakup, but the music is somehow upbeat while serving up this nice plate of depressing.

The title track has a bit of a slower tempo while still maintaining high energy. The song is, once again, about breaking up, even though one party said it would never happen. It’s pretty relatable, considering most people don’t expect their significant others to break up with them.

“Baby” is another slow song that can pack a punch. Lyrically, it’s very dispiriting, but the overall vibe of the song is chill and easy to relax to. With lyrics like, “Baby, I just want to know/ Am I still the one you thinking of,” it’s hard to figure out whether you want to cry or dance.

The album ends with “All I Want,” an upbeat, beautiful track that concludes the record perfectly. Again, this song channels a classic ‘80s synth sound that really pulls the album together.

Although I only mentioned a few songs, every song on the album is worth listening to. Chances are, you’ve never heard of Anna of the North before, but after this album, you’ll be wanting to hear way more from this talented, upcoming artist. Each song makes you feel like you’re standing outside the love of your life’s bedroom window, holding up a boombox — “Say Anything” style.

Standout Tracks: “Moving On,” “Lovers” & “Always”

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