'The Learning Curve' aims for 'real, honest' convo between students

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Monday, October 5th, 2020 at 12:15 PM

The Learning Curve started out, simply enough, as part of student Nathan Brennan’s internship. But the project has expanded into something much larger. The first two episodes of the ongoing video series are available on Edinboro University’s YouTube channel.  

Brennan spoke with his supervisor and Edinboro Manager of Communications Christopher LaFuria, aiming to create something new for his portfolio he could show to future employers. But the project soon took on a more critical look: that of how Edinboro could present their students’ stories about living life in a COVID-19 society.  

Brennan stated that although the idea was formed from conversations he had with LaFuria, “…it was up to me to come up with what the series would be about.” He added, “We knew it would be with students, but I wanted the series to really explore how students were adjusting to the pandemic.” 

It’s true, COVID-19 has changed nearly all facets of student life, even what the future may hold for the next graduating classes.  

“The pandemic has really been something not many people have seen in our lifetimes, so it’s really a life changing event,” said Brennan. “And actually, every facet of our daily lives are affected. Especially university life. So, I wanted to see how Edinboro University, with the tagline ‘For Those Who Strive,’ how those students are trying to get through the pandemic, how their classes are being affected, and just how their extracurriculars and their other activities are affected as well.” 

Once the idea came to him, Brennan set about getting The Learning Curve in motion and booking guests. His first was Erika DePalma, who is president of Delta Zeta and active in the EU Phonathon, and his second was Elizabeth Bennett, a junior psychology major. 

Brennan isn’t sure if The Learning Curve will extend beyond his time at Edinboro, but he’ll definitely be committed to the project throughout the semester.  

“I think that the students are looking for something to relate to at the moment. We can’t meet in person. Even Homecoming 2020 is virtual. So, I think they’re looking for a real, honest conversation between students. Students at the same level,” explained Brennan.  

He hopes other students can relate when they see the videos. “So, I feel like this video series … the timing of the pandemic is poor, [and] I feel like this is making a good thing out of something bad.”  

He continued: “And I feel like if we have these conversations, we can see that we’re not alone, that other people are feeling these same issues. Students and teachers alike are trying to adjust to this very distressing time that we’re going through right now.” 

Brennan’s vision for the series is to “get representation for students from all across the university.” He feels if he can speak with students representing a certain section of the university and how they are adjusting to the pandemic, the project will have been successful.  

New videos will be uploaded every one to two weeks. Brennan is still seeking students to participate in the series. Anyone who is interested can contact him by email, at nb170629@scots.edinboro.edu.  

Nicholas Constantino is a staff writer for The Spectator. He can be reached at edinboro.spectator@gmail.com.

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