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Wednesday, April 3rd, 2019 at 8:10 PM

April Fool’s Day may have passed, but it’s never too late for a classic prank. This compilation of some of the most timeless practical jokes will be sure to cause laughs, screams and maybe even a groan. These are great pranks to pull on family, roommates and friends to liven up a drab day, or get in touch with your inner mischief maker. 

The fake mustache, or even fake mustache and glasses combo. 

This classic incognito getup never fails to completely conceal your true identity and turn heads. Sport your fake ‘stache at the grocery store, school events, or even class (although I would suggest only wearing them to classes where you sign your name for attendance, because you don’t want to be marked absent when you were really there). 

Butter on the refrigerator handle. 

Your poor, unfortunate roommate comes home from work and a long day of classes, starving and ready to ransack those leftovers from last night. But upon gripping the fridge handle, their hand feels something cold…and slimy? This harmless and dairy-sponsored prank goes hand in hand with #3. 

Taping down the sink sprayer. 

So their hands are covered in butter and they rush over to the sink to wash it off. They soap up, then go to hit the water, when suddenly, their whole shirt is soaked! Never dismiss the power of scotch tape, and do your dishes beforehand so you don’t have to go through three suspicious shirt changes before your victim makes it home. 

Fake poop. 

You can leave this faux stool anywhere in your dorm or home: the counter, the middle of the floor, or pull an “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” and leave it in your roommate’s bed. You’ll be sure to get a scream, laugh, or even an alcohol-fueled investigation. This prank is also extra believable if you have a pet like a dog or cat, because you can blame it on them. 

Egging someone. 

Just like the butter, it’s cold and slimy, but also has a satisfying crunch, much like those soap cutting videos in your Snapchat subscriptions. This one has more potential to ruin shirts and friendships however, so egg wisely. 

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