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Thursday, January 31st, 2019 at 4:29 PM

A noun in two aspects — both an app and a video made by it, Vine can turn a person’s 6-seconds of fame into that of a lifetime. Accompanied by an internal and external demand for more, even though it no longer runs, its momentum will never truly end. With many reactions, both from viewers and creators, along with endless options, including remakes, each Vine seems to hold a timeless lesson, and the form will certainly go down in social media history. Below are five examples that hold more than significant value, in my opinion.

Dem White Boyz: Beginning as a trio of twerking teenage, albeit Caucasian, males in 2013, they practically skyrocketed to fame and remained in it for nearly two years. Adulthood eventually led them to their own lives, not to mention own channels. Consisting of John Stephen Grice, Baylor Barnes and Cole LaBrant, their compilations of dances, lip-syncing, pranks, and solo acts that both include and exclude family life could and still can light up the day of any youth and adult alike. While the days of Dem White Boyz may be done, and despite not knowing about them in high school, seeing them in their past and present lives has been an encouraging experience that shows the importance of being genuine and daring at the same time.

Thomas Sanders: Well-known and respected from the beginning, the Vines of Thomas Sanders, not to mention the star himself, are perhaps the most inspiring and relatable yet, and both are still going on strong. His famous segments include “Narrating People’s Lives”, “Story Time,” misleading compliments, school settings and many more. Recognitions — such as being the winner of the Favorite Vine Celebrity Contest in 2014, and being named Best Viner two years later — are rightfully earned.

Sara Hopkins: Though she hardly talks about it in her Vines, Hopkins shared snippets of her busy life while working as a local news reporter, but also shares her many talents for humor. These include perspectives of animals, including her dog, Chico, her outstanding dolphin impressions, regularly tricking Chico into thinking “someone’s here,” and a dry attitude that mixes well with the humor. 

BatDad: Or Blake Wilson, he comes off as an expert in showing the defiance within himself and his four children, now ages 8-14. An effectively done method, with a Batman mask and voice to boot, BatDad is smart-alecky yet loving in skits, such as startling each of his family members, teaching lessons and making his best attempts at staying in-tune with the people and situations around him as Batman and a father should. Some will make people do a double take, but these Vines, with or without the mask, show the inevitable chaos of life and parenthood in both separate and combined ways that add heart to someone’s day, whether or not they already have it.

Mightyduck: Desmond English, also a family man: his videos involve tricks on each of those close to him. Most notably they center around his mother, who is formerly known as MightyMom, but also his wife, sisters, friends and coworkers. Perhaps one of the most loudmouthed out there, which can be noticed in the “He stealing” pranks and innumerable others, this combination of love, aggravation and overall confidence reaches through to the viewer(s), making them realize that everything he does is still in good fun. 

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