The List: Five stories you should be following

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Wednesday, February 6th, 2019 at 11:03 PM

1. Mueller Investigation — Robert Mueller has been investigating whether or not United States President Donald Trump colluded with the Russians during the 2016 election. The investigation has been going on for two years, with an end projected as soon as Democrats held up the vote for William P. Barr’s confirmation for attorney general, per an article from The Washington Post. Barr told the Senate, per The Washington Post, that he  “wanted to share as much information as possible; he is also aware of Justice Department rules that severely restrict making evidence public in a case where no charges are filed.” Sen. Richard Blumenthal, a Democrat from Connecticut, and Sen. Charles E. Grassley, a Republican from Iowa, introduced a bill that would make special counsel reports public and have the reports be released directly to Congress, as well, per The Washington Post. 

2. Virginia’s Governor — Ralph Northam, the governor of Virginia, has been accused of wearing blackface. While he denies the claim, politicians from both parties have called for his resignation. To make matters worse, the state’s lieutenant governor, Justin Fairfax, released a statement saying that he never sexually assaulted a woman after published an accusation. The website also was the first to publish the photo of Northam. Northam faces protests and calls for his resignation, and if he does, Fairfax would take over the position of governor. 

3. Venezuela — According to a BBC article, 3 million people left Venezuela in the last four years due to political turmoil. That turmoil continues. After an election that some say was rigged, a debate over who the rightful president is has emerged. Nicolas Maduro is the current president and has backing from Russia, China, Turkey and Cuba, among others. Juan Guaido has named himself the interim president and is backed by the U.S., Canada, Brazil and parts of the European Union (EU), even though the EU has called for a fair re-election. 

4. Brexit — The deadline for Brexit, a word derived from Britain’s exit from the EU, is March 29, though the EU can adjust it if needed. But currently, Britain is set to leave, with or without a plan, and British lawmakers are still fighting over a plan to leave the EU. The indecision of lawmakers has caused enough doubt about a Brexit plan that adjustments have been made to the evacuation plan for the queen and the royal family, according to The Washington Post. Brexit has already caused repercussions for the countries in the EU and British citizens are stockpiling supplies. 

5. Gannett — The company who has four media publications in Pennsylvania, one in Cincinnati, one in Rochester and many more across the country, faces financial issues. They laid off 400 people according to a article. On Feb. 4, Gannett rejected a $1.3 million bid from MNG Enterprises, who are controlled by Alden Global Capital. The rejection leaves shareholders facing a vote, according to an article by The New York Times. The same article talks about how if the buyout goes through, it would form the biggest newspaper publisher in the U.S., and this creates worries about local media in a news environment that is already struggling to keep up with smaller papers downsizing. 

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