The List: How to become a VSCO girl

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Friday, September 20th, 2019 at 11:06 AM

Among the many memes and fads floating around the internet, the newest one to surface is “VSCO girls” and what it means to be one.

Named after the photo-editing VSCO app, the VSCO girl is apparently very easy to spot and usually embodies what some like to call “basic” traits. If you’re still confused as to what a VSCO girl is, here are just a few attributes, making it easier to spot one on the street or even in the mirror.

Birkenstock sandals.
These shoes have been around for decades, however, they made a huge comeback in the ‘90s. VSCO girls love the ‘90s, and they love rocking Birkenstocks in the present day. VSCO girls usually like to embody any kind of style that is from a different decade, making them “quirky” and “different.”

“No make-up” make-up.
VSCO girls usually like to portray themselves with a “natural vibe.” You can usually find these types of girls sporting little to no make-up, along with some Burt’s Bees Chapstick or Carmex lip balm.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise, because scrunchies are exclusively attributed to the ‘90s. Remember, your average VSCO girl is “different” because of her lack of interest in today’s fashion and her love for other decades.

Oversized graphic T-shirt
Even if a VSCO girl hasn’t listened to the alternative rock band printed on her T-shirt, she will probably still be wearing it. Grungy fashion makes you “quirky,” right?

Hydro flasks/Yetis.
The average VSCO girl considers herself environmentally friendly, which is actually one of the perks of being a part of the fad. Therefore, you’ll usually see her refilling her hydro flask or Yeti instead of using a disposable cup.

A VSCO girl is basically just another girl fitting in with the current trends of today that have made a comeback from previous decades. Whether or not you find that to be “basic” is completely subjective, although no one would stop you from saying so.
All jokes aside, let the VSCO girls be. Their infatuation with the ‘90s era is harmless. I am sure most of us have spotted at least one VSCO girl before. Hey, who knows, you might even be one yourself.

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