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Wednesday, September 26th, 2018 at 6:00 PM

The road to getting your degree can be long and difficult, especially with a lot of required courses that may not be very “fun” to take. However, there are some fun classes in the curriculum when you start out, specifically FYE (First Year Experience courses), which can put a spring in your step when the drudgery of school is getting you down.

Here is a list of the five most interesting classes in Edinboro’s FYE program. You can’t necessarily “pick” one of these classes, but some lucky freshmen are in them. 

FYE 10109: Harry Potter

That’s right. What better way to celebrate another successful Potterfest than with a class all about the “Boy Who Lived”? Hopefully Voldemort isn’t the teacher.

The course description reads: “This course examines the seven-novel Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling. It will cover issues such as literature’s connection to myth and folklore, the process of literary analysis, and the creation and marketing of popular fiction. Students will develop an in-depth understanding of literature and the creative process.

FYE 10108: Jazz, Pop, and Rock

“Ya like Jazz?” — Barry B. Benson

Well, if you answered “yes” to the question posed by Jerry Seinfeld’s character in the classic “Bee Movie,” then you’ll enjoy this class all about the history of jazz, as well as pop and rock.

The course description reads: “This course provides experiences and information designed to present jazz, pop, and rock music in historical and contemporary cultural perspectives. This course will orient first-year Edinboro students during their transitions to university life. It is specifically designed to acclimate the student to college and increase the probability that they will attain academic success.”

FYE 10309: Superheroes, Comic Books, and Politics

Ever wanted to know the political context of such comic book heroes as Captain America or the X-Men? If you don’t, you might not like this class. But I feel like most of us would look forward to its weekly meetings.  

The course description reads: This course examines comic books and the genre of superheroes in political context. Specifically, students address the social forces surrounding the development of comics and superheroes as vehicles for political ideology, messaging, and action. 

FYE 10112: Origami: The Art of Paper Folding

Have you ever made a paper airplane but wanted to shift it into maximum overdrive? Go to the EXTREME with the art of paper folding, Origami!

The course description reads: “This course will introduce students to the art known as origami. This course will begin by investigating the uncertain origins of origami and the foundational folds used to create traditional models. The course will cover various branches of modern origami: modular, crumping, tessellations, pleating, pureland, and more.”

FYE 10412: Health Survival Skills for Millenials

Everyone has heard about the issues plaguing the current college generation, so now there’s a class that takes a closer look at those issues and one that counts towards Core 4 requirements!

The course description reads: “This FYE course examines health issues pertinent to the millennial generation by exploring the social, physical, and emotional paradigms of health promotion. Content covers both historical and contemporary perspectives addressing behaviors which promote health and as well as those that potentially compromise health.”

No matter what one’s incoming major is, these courses are sure to be interesting to you whether it be an interest related to a hobby, or an experience that you have had. And if you’re a sophomore or upperclassman, you can find out what professors teach the class and, who knows, they might let you sit in on a lecture. 

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