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Thursday, April 11th, 2019 at 8:37 AM

Planned Parenthood is almost always in the news, usually in regard to the abortion debate the U.S. has every election cycle and basically everyday. But, the organization provides more than just abortions. Each Planned Parenthood offers different things, so make sure you check in with your local establishment if you’re looking for something on this list. Most of these things should be offered, though.


Cancer screenings

Planned Parenthood does screenings for reproductive cancer; this means they do screenings for breast, testicular, prostate and cervical cancer. 


LGBTQ services

Planned Parenthood is a nonjudgmental health provider. They offer services and information specific to the LGBTQ community. Also, certain Planned Parenthood locations offer hormonal therapy for the transgender community. In fact, two centers in Pennsylvania offer hormonal therapy both in or around Philadelphia. 


STD tests, treatments and vaccines 

Clinics offer testing and treatment for a variety of STDs. They also offer vaccines for HPV and Hepatitis A and B. Clinics also offer PREP and PEP for those who may, or have been exposed to HIV. 


Birth control

Planned Parenthood offers services that can help those that need birth control find the right type for them. Clinics also offer the morning after pill and condoms. 


Men’s health services

Planned Parenthood is usually associated with women, but they do offer services for men, such as services in sexual issues.


General health care

While Planned Parenthood is well known for reproductive health, it does offer care for general health, including physicals, diabetes and the flu vaccination. 


Online information

Planned Parenthood has information on sex, STDs, birth control and women’s and men’s health on their website. If you need to brush up on your knowledge regarding reproductive health, their website is the place to do it.


There isn’t a Planned Parenthood in Erie, but their website shows health center locations in Warren, Ohio and Youngstown, Ohio. The website also shows a few Planned Parenthood locations around the Pittsburgh area when you search for locations near Edinboro.  

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