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Wednesday, April 24th, 2019 at 9:03 PM

Summer vacation is one finals week away, and there is a very high chance that you’re gearing up to trade in your 8 a.m. classes for 8 a.m. work shifts. This will be my last summer before graduating. Over time, I have complied a summer bucket list for those summers that you’re working two or more jobs to save up all the money you can in a three-month span.


See friends you haven’t in a while.  

With all of your summer schedules running in different directions, it may be difficult to find the time to meet up with your friends. I have learned that it is indeed possible to make the time. Whether it be sacrificing a little bit of sleep one morning to get breakfast with them, or meeting them on their lunch break, there is time. Soon, you’ll all be going in your different directions and won’t have your hometown home base to see each other every summer.

Make your time off meaningful.

Whether you’ve got a schedule that changes every week or stays the same throughout the summer, there’s bound to be a day or two that says “OFF” next to your name. This is your time to shine, your time to relax and your time to enjoy your summer. This might mean sleeping, catching up on that show you’ve been wanting to watch, or running errands. Whatever it may be that you fill your free time with, just remember that one day you might have a job where you have to work through the summer. Treat these summers off with care and have at least a little fun.

Plan a day-cation.

Want to go on a trip but can’t take that time off? Plan a day-cation! Just take a day and go somewhere — a beach, a park, on a hike, to an amusement park — anywhere! It doesn’t have to be an all-out vacation and doesn’t have to cost you two weeks’ worth of paychecks. It may take some organization and planning, but there’s a chance you and at least one other friend can get the day off of work to go somewhere together.

Go to a family function.

Is your family hosting a random June night picnic but it’s your only night off? Take my advice when I say, “go to the function.” You might be tired. You might be worn out. Remember that in a few years your career might take you to a different city, state or country, which will make it hard for you to go to these random June night family picnics. I have come to learn this and since freshman year I have gone from never attending these functions to requesting the night off from work for them.

Learn something new.

Summer is yours, so take the time to explore new things! This doesn’t necessarily mean taking a summer class (although it could). Been meaning to learn how to balance your checkbook, or how to sew a button back on your shirt? This is the time to learn! You can either outsource and look for somebody to teach you these things, or you can self teach. You can sit down once and learn the skill, or you can learn slowly throughout the summer. Whether you learn how to cook dinner or how to properly organize your planner for next school year, there’s always something new for you to learn.


Whatever you decide to do with your free time this summer, just remember to make the most of it. When you look back on your summer vacation, the majority of it may be at work, but the time off that you have is entirely up to you. So go out there, have fun, take pictures and make memories!

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