The List: Top 5 affordable seasonal gifts for you

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Wednesday, December 5th, 2018 at 6:06 PM

If you haven’t thought about it (which is possible, given final exams are nearly here), Christmas is coming. And if you’re anything like me, not only are you stressed about finals and your grades, but you also have no money. My solution to this? Christmas gifts that don’t break my wallet and can be bought locally. Here are some present ideas that fit that category: 

1. The library — Baron-Forness has a 25 cent shelf where you can buy books! Coming from a family of readers, I have grabbed quite a few gifts from this shelf over the course of this semester. The library also has a free books shelf, and if you’re lucky you might be able to snag some titles from there.

2. Campus events — I’ve been to a couple different things sponsored by UPB and the diversity office in which you made things that you got to take with you. Last year I painted mugs at an event hosted by the Center for Diversity and they made great gifts! 

3. The campus bookstore — These next couple aren’t as cheap as the first two, but they’re definitely worth a stop. The bookstore tends to offer discounts and sales towards the end of the semester on Edinboro gear.

4. The Edinboro Market — Do you or a family member love farmer’s markets? Then this is definitely worth a stop. They get local products, which results in new stock quite often. Think coffee, cheeses, sweets and more.  

5. The fast food places around campus — if you have a sibling who’s also in college, or parents that work near one of these places, it might be nice and easy to just pick up a gift card. 

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