The List: Why it's important for the youth to engage in politics

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Thursday, February 21st, 2019 at 10:05 AM

1.) Ability to challenge the status quo

The U.S. has generally been known throughout history as a relatively progressive country, and there is certainly a reason for that: the younger generation’s fresh ideas and perspectives have the capability to make the proper change happen. One of the greatest things about America is our first amendment: freedom of speech. Therefore, each generation’s voice and opinion is crucial in challenging and bettering our current system. The first amendment isn’t something to be taken for granted; instead it should be utilized in a positive way.

2.) The youth are the future

Considering the obvious fact that no one lives forever, it is inevitable that at some point the current youth of the U.S. will someday have sole control over the path of our country. Therefore, it’s important for the youth to receive the highest quality of education. Proper and positive changes begin with knowledge and education. With the right guidance and motivation to get involved in current politics, such skills and wisdom acquired can be translated to new, strong leaders.

3.) The planet needs our help

According to The Guardian, we have between 12-25 years for global warming to be kept to a maximum of 1.5C. Even a half degree more of change in the current temperature can wreak havoc on our planet, resulting in even worse floods, droughts and extreme heat and poverty affecting billions of people. Not only that, but our ecosystems will suffer as well. With that being said, the obvious answer is that everyone should be aware and doing their part to prevent such things from happening, most definitely including the youth of America. Collaborating with each other and even partnering with the government on this issue can lead to quicker changes, which obviously will lead to quicker results.

4.) More inclination to serve our communities

With a well-rounded involvement and understanding of politics comes more inclination for the youth to engage in their communities — most specifically within the areas of health, education and charity work. Without the proper help and leadership of others, there is no way to remain on a healthy progressive path within communities.

5.) Political participation breeds confidence

The best way to feel confident is to realize that your own voice and opinions matter, which leads to an all-around more productive, motivated society. Confidence is the key to setting goals and achieving them, all well forming what you want your future to look like. Feeling involved in the current state of the world leads to a feeling of purpose and motivation to uplift yourself and those around you.

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