There’s no place like home: Edinboro University students share their homesick experiences

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Wednesday, September 28th, 2016 at 5:44 PM

Wherever you come from, home is home. It’s the place where you have your roots, the place where you’ve made your memories. However, the time comes when we have to move out and move on.

The transition to college can be challenging, and we may find ourselves missing the old familiarity of walking through our front door, seeing our best friends in the hallways of high school, or even being greeted by our furry companions when we arrive home after a long day. These are the little things that remind us why we are here, and to appreciate where we came from, as well as where we’re heading.

Freshman entering college tend to experience a greater deal of homesickness than seasoned college upperclassmen.

This is a new journey with new chances to take, and that realization can be scary. However, as freshman in college, whenever we are missing home, it is important to remember why we are here, why we chose Edinboro University.

"I think about why I left home. I think about who is going to come to graduation to watch me walk across the stage and get my degree. I think about all the doors that will be kicked open when I finish here. I think about all the things I can accomplish when I stick it out for four years without home being 10 minutes away," said Edinboro University freshman Zach Brown.

Being away from home can make you appreciate the little things you became so used to, as well.

“Being from a small town, you miss the little things, [like] the little pizza places and family restaurants, [and] knowing someone everywhere you go. You really appreciate it more when it’s not a five minute drive to your favorite place, but instead three hours," said Brown.

One of the most important things to know when you’re feeling homesick is that you’re not alone.

Matthew Dowler, a freshman at Edinboro majoring in sports and recreational management, shared that he’s been adjusting well to college, because he is keeping himself busy with class, homework and working out.

"Go out and have fun, make friends and do something while you're here. The more you let yourself stay in your room and
do nothing, the more you're going to be homesick," said Dowler.

It may comfort freshman to know that even upperclassmen get homesick. Even as you are entering your senior year, you could still have those days where you just can't get home off the brain.

“You just have to understand that college is a change and adjustment, so it will take time to get used to being away from your family, other familiar people, and places,” said Edinboro University senior Emma Catherine.

Catherine expressed that she still gets homesick from time to time, but believes that over time everything gets easier.

"Get involved on campus. It really helps to meet people with the same interests as you and when you're busy, you don't really have time to be homesick. Also, don't go home every weekend, you'll miss a lot if you do," said Catherine.

College is a new journey and a new experience that may take some time to get used to, but on those days when you’re homesick, just remind yourself where you’re going. 

Jenna Giordano is a staff writer for The Spectator. 

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