‘Thor: Ragnarok’ left me ragna-shook

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Wednesday, November 15th, 2017 at 5:26 PM
‘Thor: Ragnarok’ left me ragna-shook  by Sarah Cacchione

“Thor: Ragnarok” is the newest addition to the “Thor” trilogy and Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), directed by Taika Waititi. Anticipation for every new Marvel movie is always high, and this new addition is one that lives up to expectations. 

With every scene and storyline executed perfectly, it takes the form of a standalone film, following Thor on a personal journey rather than a storyline incorporated into the MCU. 

The story begins with Thor speaking to Surtur (god of flame) while being trapped in some kind of cage. He escapes successfully, halting what he believes to be Ragnarok (destruction of Asgard) and defeats the beast for now. 

Upon returning to his home in Asgard, he finds that his father, Odin, is missing. With his father missing, the plot begins to thicken when Thor’s long-lost sister, Hela, appears, threatening to take over all of what he holds dearly.  

“Ragnarok” shines not only as a superhero movie, but as an overall enjoyable cinematic piece. Marvel has always been successful in incorporating intense fight scenes and developed plots, along with witty humor. 

This movie is one that can be enjoyed no matter what genre a viewer is yearning to see. It encapsulates drama, humor, sci-fi, and superheroes all into one two-hour long piece.   

Although Chris Hemsworth is notably the handsome, chiseled main character of the movie, he seems to have been lost within the greatness of the rest of the cast and plot. He offers his one-liners occasionally — to which the crowd promptly chuckles. 

But, many of the stars of the movie come from unlikely characters. Jeff Goldblum’s appearance in the film offered a quirky, but not surprising, humor to the film. With the appearances of many comic relief characters, it seemed to be hard for Hemsworth to shine as a humorous center. However, Thor was Thor in the best way possible — strong, heroic and sometimes naïve. 

As for the cinematography, the influence of “Star Wars” was evident in many scenes, as it has been evident in many recent movies. “Ragnarok” seems to have been a combination of visual influences from “Star Wars” and “Guardians of the Galaxy.” 

With its “Star Wars”-esque transitions and its funky, out-of-place ‘80s tunes during seemingly intense fighting scenes, it is reminiscent of similar scenes in “Guardians of the Galaxy.” These influences left the movie with a nostalgic feeling, like the feeling of watching the old “Star Wars” movies for the first time. 

“Thor: Ragnarok,” succeeded in all possible ways as a comic-based action movie. The star-studded cast left the audience chuckling at one-liners and intrigued at every scene. The cinematography of the film creates an intense atmosphere, and it occasionally gives an almost video game-like quality to the scenes.  

Marvel has always been successful in creating a light-hearted atmosphere, as well as being able to use cinematography to create intensity and intriguing scenes.  

Ultimately, the film was a strong piece, a good addition to the many superhero movies that Marvel offers. “Ragnarok” is a must-see and definitely worth the money for a ticket. 

Even with its faults and flaws, the cinematography and one-liner humor benefits the entire film, carrying it to a whole new level of superhero movies presented in recent years.   

Sarah Cacchione can be reached at ae.spectator@gmail.com. 

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