Top five spooky games to play this holiday season

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Thursday, October 11th, 2018 at 8:32 AM

We’re (almost) halfway through our yearly spooky season, but don’t let that stop you from enjoying some of the most perfect-for-Halloween games available across all consoles. Most of these games have been around for a while though, so if you haven’t played any of them yet, absolutely get on it when you can.


Resident Evil (Remake) — Capcom — PS4/ONE

Remastered and remade for modern consoles, “Resident Evil” is the game that put the survival-horror genre on the map in the early ‘90s. The remake, released last year for free on Playstation Plus, is a gorgeous recreation of the original, with new gameplay elements and enhancements to make it a bit more suited for modern gamers. The version available now (currently on sale on PSN) features newly remastered graphics, making the horror feel almost real if you sit super close to the screen, which while not entirely recommended, helps immerse yourself pretty well. The remade version of “Resident Evil 2” is out this year as well — making it a perfect time to give this classic a spin.


Until Dawn — Supermassive Games — PS4

An early release for PS4, “Until Dawn” capitalizes on adventure-style games like “Heavy Rain” and “Life Is Strange,” making it a survival-horror experience like no other. Make choices that directly impact the characters as they try to survive their frozen, monster-filled cabin...until dawn. 

“Until Dawn,” features a star-studded cast too, with the talents of Rami Malek and Hayden Panettiere headlining. The follow-up from the studio, a mystery-thriller called “Hidden Agenda,” is out now if you like what you see.  


Silent Hill 2 — Konami — PS2/PS3/360 

There’s a reason this game is included on almost every horror-game list — it’s terrifying. The walls, dirty and rusted, ring as you walk past. Static from a radio echoes in long, decrepit hallways, pushing you further and further into an uncomfortable darkness. From the appearance of the knife-wielding Pyramid Head, to the twisted, grotesque nurses that haunt the fog-covered town of “Silent Hill,” this game is a must-play. In case you can’t get your hands on an original PS2 or Xbox version, the “Silent Hill” HD collection is available for PS3 and Xbox 360. 


Oxenfree — Night School — PC/PS4/ONE/SWITCH

While not an inherently terrifying game, “Oxenfree” deserves a spot on this list for being a great example of an adventure experience that perfectly captures the feeling of Halloween-time classics like “The Goonies,” “IT” and “Stranger Things.” Play through the eyes of Alex and her group of friends as they try to solve the mystery of Edwards Island. It also gets bonus points for having excellent writing and cosmic-horror space ghosts. 


Alan Wake — Remedy Entertainment — 360/PC

A quintessential addition to this list, “Alan Wake” puts players in the shoes of Wake, a Stephen King-esque author who is suddenly thrust into a world of confusion, mystery and terrifying shadow creatures. This game is pretty short overall, but if you get hooked there is an expansion, “Alan Wake’s American Nightmare,” that adds onto the story. Rumor has it that a sequel may eventually be announced — so best err on the side of caution and get caught up soon. 

Did you favorites make the list? Let us know on Twitter: @edinboronow. 

Britton Rozzelle can be reached at @brsomebody.

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