Traditional Students Move to the Highlands

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Wednesday, January 27th, 2016 at 10:25 PM


That is the cost of living difference between a double room in traditional dorms — Earp Hall and Rose Hall — and a double semisuite at the Highlands. This spring, Residence Life and Housing is offering those living in traditional dorms a chance to experience living in the Highlands with a $500 housing discount.

According to University Spokesperson Jeffrey Hileman, “the goal of the incentive program is to add up to 50 new residents to the Highlands.”

As of Jan. 20, 32 students have moved to the Highlands through the program, which Hileman states has been in the works since last spring. The program was initiated and funded by the Edinboro University Foundation, the group which owns the Highlands residence halls.

“I don’t think it’s fair we’re paying more for the same room,” stated Highlands 5 resident Sarah D’Amico. Agreeing with D’Amico, Highlands 3 resident Katie Victor stated “it’s sort of unfair to move them and not charge them the same price.”

Though hesitant at first, new Highlands 4 resident Jacquelin Bradley took up the offer and made the switch from the third floor of Earp to a semi-suite. “My roommate’s friends and my friends all got moved to the Highlands and we figured since we don’t have to pay extra, why not!”

Bradley noted that she doesn’t plan on staying in her new placement next semester due to the higher cost of living in the suites without the discount. Hileman also stated that not all of those offered this opportunity accepted it due to proximity to classes, preferring the traditional hall lifestyles, and preference to remain close to friends. The offer was not extended to anyone already living in the Highlands wishing to switch arrangements.

While there may be some concern regarding the future of traditional housing, Hileman stated “The university’s goal is to increase enrollment and maintain a variety of viable on-campus housing options to meet student needs and preferences,” confirming that Earp Hall and Rose Hall will continue to be housing options for future residential needs.

The Edinboro University Foundation hopes the experience will encourage these students to continue to live in the Highlands.

Kimberly Firestine is a Staff Writer for The Spectator.

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