University appoints interim vice president of finance and administration

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Wednesday, November 29th, 2017 at 5:00 PM

Allan Golden, Edinboro University’s new interim vice president of finance and administration, obviously enjoys the position he’s filling — he’s come out of retirement twice for it. 

“I worked for many years at California University (of Pennsylvania),” he said. “More recently, I was at Mansfield University after I had retired. I was there for a year as the interim vice president for administration and finance, and then for another year and a half, I was the interim president at Mansfield and retired from those interim assignments.” 

He was then asked to come to Edinboro to take on his newest interim role.

Golden served for almost 29 years at California University as their vice president of administration and finance, a position he says taught him much about working with many different facets of the university. 

“When I was at California University I worked with financial aid, the bursar’s office and had contact with students through there regarding issues with billing and their financial aid needs,” he explained. 

Edinboro University President Dr. H. Fred Walker’s 10-year plan is also something Golden seeks involvement in, as it is essential to his role.

“To the extent that it is possible in a few months, helping implement that plan is one of the objectives that I feel would be appropriate for this position in terms of how we can be best involved in implementing the plan in terms of the finances,” Golden said.  

On transparency in the proceedings that occur in administration finances, Golden said, “I’ve only been here [at Edinboro] for eight days, but based on my previous experience, you try to get as many groups that exist on campus involved in the process — whether it’s in terms of a committee, a task force or just different kinds of meetings to try to bring as much of the campus as is possible into the process.”

He continued: “You know, I think that people need to understand what the direction of the university is, where we are, where we need to go and how we are going to get them. Students, faculty, staff and the community should all be involved.” 

Golden describes his vision for the university as two-fold. 

“Obviously there are ongoing issues that are of importance to a university such as ours — [like] budget, ongoing construction projects and other projects that will need to be brought to a successful conclusion. There are also projects that need to be thought of as the months roll on,” he said.

Golden received his undergraduate degree in American history and government from Fairleigh Dickinson University in New Jersey. He also received a MAT degree in social studies education from the university before teaching history and English in a public school for a little over three years, then going back for a Ph.D. 

About his love for the role that he’s served as in various capacities through the years, Golden said:  “I like the ability to play a role in what occurs at the institution, to be involved in the decision-making process. I like to think that I have something to contribute from time to time in the process. I like the atmosphere. I’ve been around education for 50 years or more, and I like the environment; that’s why I came out of retirement in two instances. It was an environment that I missed; I liked being involved and it’s just something that I enjoy doing.” 

As he enters his third week on the job, Golden says that his most important task is learning as much as he can about Edinboro in a short period of time, and being able to participate intelligently in what is occurring on campus. 

Golden will serve as interim vice president of finance and administration until the university completes its search for someone to fill the position permanently. Golden began his position on Nov. 19.

Shayma Musa is the Copy Editor for The Spectator. She can be reached at

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