University Decides to Ban Hoverboards on Campus, Sees Them As Potential Danger to Students

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Wednesday, January 27th, 2016 at 8:41 PM

2015 moved us into the future and brought us hoverboards.

Despite the demand for this new invention, there are now several safety concerns one must take into consideration before buying a hoverboard. As a result Edinboro University recently put a restriction on them to ensure the safety of the student body.

“Prior to Christmas, the news media and social media started raising concerns regarding the safety of hoverboards,” Jim Dahle, director of environmental health and safety, said.

“After a short discussion, it was decided to ban the hover boards from campus until safety standards could be developed and the problem corrected.”

According to author Sean Hollister from CNET, “hoverboards use lithium ion battery packs for their power and… the liquid…inside most lithium ion batteries is highly flammable.”

“For now, retailers like Amazon and Target are making sure individual components of these hoverboards — namely the batteries and the chargers — have been certified for safety.”

These safety concerns did not go unnoticed on campus. There are now consequences for possessing a hoverboard on campus.

“Possessing a hoverboard is a violation of university policy and a violation of the Students Code of Conduct,” Dahle said.

“The hoverboard can be confiscated and the student can be referred to judicial affairs for further disciplinary actions.”

“We are updating the Code of Conduct to reflect the policy so it could be a chargeable offense,” Dr. Kahan Sablo, vice president for student affairs, said.

“But really our hope is, in getting the word out prior to students arriving back, was so they simply wouldn’t bring it back to campus.”

Students will also be held accountable for any damage that occurs as a result of a hoverboard incident.

Dahle seems convinced that hoverboards being banned will not be an issue with students on campus.

“I believe the media has done a good job of raising awareness of the hazards with hoverboards. Also, since it is winter, I don’t believe too many students will be using hoverboards in the snow.”

Dahle also mentioned that the ban is not limited to main campus. The ban also covers the campus of Porreco College.

“The ban will stay in effect until safety standards are developed and the problem is corrected.”

“I was actually pleasantly surprised that we didn’t have more students at least giving inquiry,” Sablo said.

“But to me that says that students are aware of some of the concerns we were expressing.”

“We’d hate to have an unfortunate situation happen on campus, especially knowing what we know.” Sablo also mentioned that they have not had any issues with hoverboards in the past.

“Our goal was to be proactive and not wait for something bad to happen,” Sablo said, “so that we could do our best to ensure the safety of our students.”

As previously mentioned, the hoverboard ban has been added to the Student Code of Conduct.

“I’m hoping through proactive efforts, our incoming class next year would not bring something to campus that… we don’t want.”

Hover boards have grown in popularity since their inception in early 2015. However, since they were invented there have been concerns about their safety.

To ensure the safety of the student body, Edinboro University has officially banned hoverboards across both main campus and the Porreco College effective at the beginning of the spring semester.

For more information, you can contact Sablo at ksablo@ or by calling his office at (814) 732-2313.

William Stevens is the Campus Life Editor for The Spectator and he can be reached at

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