University funds parking renovations

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Thursday, September 8th, 2016 at 11:17 AM
University funds parking renovations by Shayma Musa

The Edinboro University Department of Facilities has announced improvements to university parking lots.

The lots will be improved so that old non-code compliant signs will be removed and updated, and many parking lots, including the Compton, Hendricks, and Cooper lots will be stripped and resurfaced.

New parking permit designations will be installed at the entrance of all parking lots, including “R” for resident, “C” for commuter and “E” for employees. The “M” McComb parking designation will be eliminated. Improvements extend to all pedestrian crosswalks, which will be stripped.
Stripping and resurfacing is set to begin as soon as weather and parking congestion permits.

In an email to students and faculty, Director of Facilities Michael Hilbert stated that parking improvements “respond to concerns expressed by the Student Government Association and others on campus regarding the complexity of signs, unclear markings and lot deterioration.”

Hilbert also included in the email that, “This work will be coordinated so that lots can be closed on weekends without disruption to university operations. These changes are being accomplished without reducing the number of available employee, commuter or resident parking spaces.”
Hilbert also confirmed rumors that the Miller building, which currently sits unused, will be torn down. What the space will be used for has not been decided.

"When we decide to embark on a construction project, we consider what is best for the university as a whole," Hilbert said.

Currently, there are four parking lots for commuters only, one parking lot for residents only at Dearborn, and twenty-one parking lots for employees only.

Additionally, there are four parking lots available for mixed use, and eight lots available for a mixture of commuter/employee use and commuter/resident use.

Senior commuter Melina Harden commented on the university’s parking, stating, "I don't know exactly what the solution is to the parking problem, but I know there isn't enough of it."

Students interested in leaving comments, concerns or recommendations to Facilities may contact them at (814) 732-2826. You can also e-mail

There are also two anonymous suggestion boxes. One is located at the Frank G. Pogue Student Center and the second is at Reeder Hall.

Shayma Musa is a staff writer for The Spectator.

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