University makes the switch to online graduation applications

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Wednesday, September 30th, 2015 at 10:09 PM
University makes the switch to online graduation applications by Tracy Geibel

On Thursday, Sept. 17, the online application for graduation was launched in order to simplify the process of applying for graduation.

While there isn’t a set due date for the fall 2015 graduation applications, students are urged to complete the application as soon as possible.

While the deadline is typically the same day as the end of the Add-Drop period, one week into the semester, the launch online application took more time than expected, pushing back the deadline.

“We had hoped to launch the application earlier in the semester, but the development and testing took a bit longer than we anticipated,” Timothy Pilewski, registrar said.

“So we really would like students who are expecting to graduate this December to apply now.”

To apply, students should log into their myEdinboro accounts and click on the SCOTS icon from the Launchpad. Students then choose the “Student Records” link and at the bottom of the screen, they should choose “Apply to Graduate.”

Those applying to graduate must then follow the instructions, which include entering how they want their first and middle names to appear on their diploma, what address the diploma should be mailed to and if they will be attending the commencement ceremony or not.

“The online application eliminates the need to handenter all the applications into our administrative database, reducing errors,” Pilewski said.

The main difference between the print and online applications is that the online application pulls data directly from the student’s academic record. It also eliminated the need to send out a separate mailing to students about whether or not they intend to attend commencement.

It allows students to verify information like their major, concentration and minors. If students find there is incorrect information, they can follow a link to email records and registration about the problem.

“We transitioned to this application because it was the next logical step in streamlining this process,” Pilewski said.

“The functionality was made available by our administrative software provider, Ellucian, and after some research, we decided to implement the graduation application.”

Student, Becca Bortnick prefers the online option over filling out a paper version of the application.

“I’d rather do it online,” Bortnick said. “It makes everything so much easier.”

The Office of Records and Registration hopes by making this change, it will reduce the amount of time this process consumes, improve accuracy and increase students’ satisfaction.

“This application in SCOTS has helped to streamline the process immensely,” Pilewski said.

Reports are sent every night for the Dean’s offices to review those who wish to graduate, which makes sure that all graduates meet requirements.

Tracy Geibel is the Campus Life Editor at The Spectator. She can be reached at

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