University officials answer common student questions

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Thursday, April 14th, 2016 at 1:01 PM
University officials answer common student questions by Dakota Palmer

On April 5, Edinboro University’s Student Government Association (EUSGA) held an event at the Frank G. Pogue Student Center for students to voice any concerns they have about Edinboro University.

There were booths set up at the event including: Residence Life, EUSGA, Campus Police, Technology and Communications, Student Health Services, Athletics, University Programming Board, Chartwells and Academics.

Students were able to speak one-on-one with representatives at each of the tables and comfortably voice concerns and suggestions for the parts of the university.

Many of the representatives shared what their frequently asked questions or concerns were.

Josette Skobieranda-Dau, the Assistant Director of Residence Life stated that many of the concerns for Res Life are very individually based.

She said, “When a student has a significant change in medical, financial or family status, it involves extensive documentation and really is on a case-by-case basis.”

Corporal Dan Palka of Campus Police said that normally students are concerned with parking tickets or theft. Many people appeal parking tickets and about 50 percent of students are successful in their appeals.

“Theft is the number one crime [in Edinboro]. It’s a crime of opportunity,” said Corporal Palka. He also said that it is very important to use a lock when placing things in lockers.

Student Net Coordinator for Technology and Communications, Mark Lilly, said that many people come to Tech and Comm with network and virus issues. Additionally, many prospective students and parents at open houses ask what kind of computers they should get.

Dave Goodwill is the Coordinator of Campus Programs and Recreation, and he said many people ask how the University Programming Board selects artists for concerts.

“The next question is ‘how do we get involved?’” said Goodwill. “We tell them to stop by the office, meet with the board members and figure out what they want to cover.”

Registered Nurse Debbie Krizmanich works at Ghering Health Center and said most people who need health support have symptoms of a cold or the flu. However, the health center provides other services such as STD testing, meditation sessions and immunizations.

Denise Dobos, Business Director for Athletics said that the majority of questions don’t necessarily come from students, but members of the community who want to use Edinboro’s facilities, need passes for events or want to take middle/high school teams to events.

“We are governed by the National Collegiate Athletic Association, so there aren’t a lot of questions with our rules,” Dobos said.

Marketing Director for Chartwells Dining Service, Tom Decker said that many people are curious about whether or not Flex dollars roll over from one semester to the next.

Decker said, “Flex dollars carry over from fall to spring as long as the student has signed up for a meal plan in the spring too. Unused Flex dollars in the spring semester are credited back to the student’s account.”

Dr. Michael Hannan, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs said that most questions deal with student evaluations. Many questions are how the information given on student evaluations can help make improvements in the future.

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