University Programming Board reveals spring concert

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Friday, February 3rd, 2017 at 10:12 AM
University Programming Board reveals spring concert by Aaron Foster-Williams
Photo: Madi Gross

Edinboro University’s University Programming Board (UPB) announced that pop singer Daya will be performing April 14 at McComb Fieldhouse.

The glow party hosted by UPB on Friday night simulated the atmosphere of being at a Daya concert. Ultraviolet lights lit up the gym in the Pogue Student Center as streams of multi-colored neon lights zipped across the floors and walls.

The blaring bass from the speakers pulsated throughout the room and students danced to the rhythm of popular songs. The scene resembled an EDM festival as students moved across the gym floor wearing glow sticks as jewelry. Daya’s style represents a similar dance vibe, a style that’s gained significant traction in recent years.

“We wanted a genre that they (students) would be interested in and that they would come to. And her genre is kind of like indie, but it’s sort of pop, so it’s like a mixture,” said UPB member Sarah D’Amico.

Daya received a Grammy nomination this year for her chart-topping dance hit “Don’t Let Me Down,” which featured production from EDM DJ duo, The Chainsmokers. UPB hopes that Daya will bring that same type of energy to the spring concert.

“She’s very upbeat and positive. She’s going to pull a wide variety of students, so I think it should be a good time,” said UPB member Anna Marie Marhefka.

UPB revealed that the Pittsburgh native will be performing here at Edinboro University when lowering a large banner with her name written in purple and orange letters. The overall reaction from the crowd was positive, but some students looked confused. Marhefka spoke about how popular Daya’s music is, and explained that because she is young, some people may not be familiar with her songs.

“You hear her songs on the radio so much. They’re going to be like, ‘oh yeah, that’s her’,” said Marhefka.

Junior Maur’Shea Morgan was one of many students who liked the idea of Daya coming to Edinboro to perform.

“I think it’s a good idea. I feel like she’s known as an artist, but she’s still new. So if you never listened to her then you get a chance to, and if you have, then you get to see her live,” said Morgan.

“I’m also happy to hear it’s not a country singer performing this year,” she added.

Edinboro University alumnus Joshua Kaufer was also excited to hear that the pop singer will be performing here.

“I think the draw of having a Pittsburgh ‘local’ come is huge, and it’s been a while since we have had a musical show that wasn’t rap
or country. So a pop sort of style is nice,” said Kaufer.

The ticket presale starts Feb. 5 and goes until Feb. 8. Students can purchase tickets in the Pogue Student Center C-Store for $10. 

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