VOICES: Do people start celebrating Christmas too early?

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Wednesday, November 3rd, 2021 at 12:35 PM
VOICES: Do people start celebrating Christmas too early? by Alexander Beatty
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When we think of Christmas, we think of fluffy white snow and joyfully giving gifts or maybe family around the table and a big jolly man in a red suit. The issue is, are we celebrating Christmas too early? 

Yes, people can do whatever they please at whatever time they please, but not everyone is going to be happy. It has become a huge debate over the years about when is the proper time to start decorating for Christmas.  

Some people started putting up decorations and spreading cheer right after Halloween (and a select handful before Halloween). 

On one hand, celebrating Christmas early bring sin that "holiday cheer" sooner.  Some believe that Christmas has a sort of magic.  From the twinkling lights to spending time with family, some want to start the magic as soon as possible.  Radio stations begin Christmas programming in November. Radio Fidelity noted that during the pandemic, some radio stations played Christmas music in March in an attempt to raise morale. That holiday cheer is definitely needed after the trying year everyone has had. 

Not to mention, people start Halloween quite early on — like in September. So why are there different rules for Christmas? Both are holidays. Houses are decorated in haunting decor and companies begin their Halloween sales. Each holiday has its month (some have their week/day) and maybe it should stay its designated time period.  

On the other hand, some people are trying to celebrate Thanksgiving and enjoy the autumn season while it’s here. It’s only supposed to be one month of festivities, not multiple months. People are bound to get tired of something that just drags on — it will start to lose that special feeling. It’s no longer special if Christmas is celebrated for two whole months. That spirit will become meaningless.  

Also, don’t forget the people who don’t even celebrate Christmas and it’s being thrown in their faces for much longer than it should be. I wouldn’t be happy if someone was throwing their holidays in my face, so why should we do it to others? I think the proper solution here is to celebrate Christmas whenever you please, but do it in your own space and leave others out of it until December when it’s an acceptable time to spread cheer. Let others celebrate Thanksgiving and maintain their definition of Christmas. Let people do their own thing as long as they leave others alone. It’s okay to be kind and giving year-round, don’t limit that to Christmas time.  

Just make sure not to ruin it for the people who cherish the holiday times. Christmas means a lot of things to different people, but universally, it means time to spend with loved ones and to celebrate joy — typically, the day ends in smiles and full hearts. 

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