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Wednesday, October 21st, 2020 at 12:27 PM

As the fall semester comes to an end, students must think about scheduling for spring 2021And for new students, this can be a very confusing process. 

Dr. Timothy Thompson, the department chair for communication, journalism and media, said it’s first a good idea for these newer students to watch the video provided by the university explaining how to schedule. 

Thompson also believes it’s important for all students to plan ahead for scheduling and to “know what is available and have a ‘plan B’ and ‘plan C,’ if necessary.” Prepare for if classes are filled, or if you have a possible time conflict. 

Ok. Where do you go from here? 

Looking over your Degree Works on MyEdinboro is critical, as this explains what classes a student must take to fill general education, distribution and major requirements. Thompson advises students to use this information as a “reference throughout your academic career.” Degree Works can be found on the MyEdinboro portal under academics; it has an image of a diploma on it. 

Understanding Degree Works can seem overwhelming at first, but don’t be discouraged. It is not as scary as it looks. It lists all the courses necessary to graduate within your curriculum map. Next to each course is a checkbox. That box will have nothing inside if the course needs to be completed, a tilde if the student is in the process of completing it, and a checkmark if the student has completed the course.  

For the requirements that have not been completed, there will be a clickable link in that row to see the courses that can fill that requirement. For example, if the student has not taken their “C-1 Artistic Expression” course, there will be a clickable link on the words: “with Attribute C-1.”   

Thompson recommends that for a standard semester, “students take two or three of their general education classes and two or three courses from their major.” This can change if specific requirements haven’t been met yet.  

After choosing courses, students then must check if the course is available for the upcoming semester. To find this information, the student must log into their MyEdinboro account, and under the academics section click on the “SCOTS” button. Under the student services and financial aid tab, click “Registration.” This section will have many helpful items when it comes to scheduling.  

At the bottom of the list is the “Check Your Registration Status” link. Here, students can find any holds that may prevent them from scheduling, as well as the date and time that scheduling will become available. 

The “Look Up Classes” tab will be where students can find which classes will be offered for the next semester (do this before scheduling is available to you). While searching, you can also click “Advanced Search” if you have the subject and course number for each class. The student will then be taken to a list of all of the courses for the upcoming semester that follow the information that the student had provided. 

It’s recommended that while the student is looking up their class options, they write down the five-digit course registration number (CRN) listed to the left of the class name. Students should be aware that the CRN is different for classes offered with multiple sections and different professors. Once they have their classes picked, the student must set up an appointment with their academic advisor to receive the alternate pin required to begin scheduling. The advisor will work with the student to fit their classes into an organized schedule. 

When it’s time for the student to begin scheduling, they will be working in the “Registration” link on SCOTS. Click on the link “Add/Drop Classes” where you will use the alternate pin to login and the CRN for each class for quick scheduling. 

After entering the few CRN codes, it’s then time for the students to prepare for their classes for the upcoming semester.  

Whether that’s clearing space on their hard drive for a few more documents, or just stocking up on supplies, you’re almost to the finish line. Or the starting line. However you want to look at it. 

Jenna Tupitza is a staff writer for The Spectator. She can be reached at edinboro.spectator@gmail.com.

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