Walmart getting rid of warm welcome

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Wednesday, March 27th, 2019 at 6:45 PM

 Walmart, for over 30 years, has greeted us with a warm-hearted person at the door. Now, Walmart has announced their greeters will no longer be stationed at the door, but rather around the store to answer questions and help customers.

Sam Walton, founder of Walmart, loved the idea of greeters. They were not just a friendly smile and a “how do you do.” They were actually first implemented as a security system. Walton figured an armed guard would not seem welcoming to shoppers, but a Walmart uniformed greeter would hide their true motive.

He fought for greeters to be a part of the store. Some thought he was crazy for even bringing up the idea.

Greeters are a good position for the elderly or disabled demographic. This not only furthers Walton’s idea of a hidden guard, but also gives employment to those who do not have the strength for jobs they use to perform. They could be previously retired, but still want to work. Some love working. It’s what gets them out of bed every day.

Is a greeter needed anymore? Some would say no. If their true motive for a greeter was security, then the technology of today takes that job away. But what of the times that alarms have gone off and nobody acts? How many times have you tried to leave the store and the alarm rings, and nobody reacts to it? That poses another question. Should technology take place of human jobs?

I believe the greeter position is still there technically. It may not be at the front door, but the position will still be in the store hoping to satisfy the many customers in Walmart.

Beau Bruneau |

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