Weekly Recap: Vol. 115, No. 22

Category:  News
Monday, April 4th, 2016 at 7:09 PM


Lights Out: Edinboro Unplugs for Energy Saving Contest
By Anna Ashcraft – Managing Editor of Features
Edinboro University is participating in the PASSHE Unplugged competition with other state schools to see which one can use the least amount of energy. The energy usage will be monitored until April 11. For the full story, check out http://www.edinboronow.com/article/lights-out-edinboro-unplugs-for-energy-saving-contest.

Physical Education Class Plans Massive Game of Knockout
By Tracy Geibel – Executive Editor
Students in the Management of Sports and Physical Education Programs class are hoping to break the Guinness World Record for the largest basketball knockout tournament this Friday at McComb Fieldhouse. 702 people need to participate in order to break the record, and there will be food, a DJ, a mechanical bull and more. All proceeds will benefit Make-A-Wish. For the full story, check out http://www.edinboronow.com/article/physical-education-class-plans-massive-game-of-knockout.


“Zayn Malik’s Solo Debut ‘Mind of Mine’ is Bland, Boring and Basic”
By Kimberly Firestine and Dakota Palmer – Staff Writer and Online Editor
Spectator writers Dakota Palmer and Kimberly Firestine reviewed Zayn Malik's new album "Mind of Mine." They both agreed that "Hopefully he’ll learn from this album and be able to break out of his ‘I’m going to sing sadly about wanting to see girls naked for an entire album’ phase and give us something of more substance next time." For the full stories, check out http://www.edinboronow.com/article/review-zayn-maliks-solo-debut-mind-of-mine-is-bland-boring-and-basic and http://www.edinboronow.com/article/second-opinion-zayn-maliks-mind-of-mine.


Men’s Tennis Team Defeats Highly Ranked Regional Foe
By Mike McLaughlin – Sports Editor
The Edinboro men’s tennis team defeated West Liberty University, the Atlantic region’s second ranked team in a 5-4 decision. For the full story, check out http://www.edinboronow.com/article/mens-tennis-team-defeats-highly-ranked-regional-foe.


Our Viewpoint: What is Voter Fraud? Is It Prominent in This Year’s Election?
The Spectator
In a very important election year, voter fraud is seemingly increasing in states across the nation. In the Arizona caucus, many people stood in polling place lines for hours only to find out that some of them were registered as Independents, Republicans or had no party at all. For the full story, check out http://www.edinboronow.com/article/our-viewpoint-what-is-voter-fraud-is-it-prominent-in-this-years-election.


Veterans Voice
By George Schmidt – Staff Writer
Medical marijuana is being prescribed to veterans suffering from PTSD. Writer and veteran George Schmidt says, “So he had woken up, gotten dressed properly in his uniform, made it to formation on time and never recalled having done any of it. And these are the pills that are supposed to help us? Who wants to go through life like that?” Tell us your thoughts on the issue after you check out the article at http://www.edinboronow.com/article/veterans-voice-how-does-marijuana-help-former-soldiers-cope-with-ptsd.

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