Wet hands and no towels at Cooper Hall

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Wednesday, September 27th, 2017 at 4:43 PM

It’s something we do almost mindlessly, wash our hands and reach for the paper towel that’s always hanging right next to the sink. This week, however, anyone passing through the Cooper Hall bathrooms would have noticed the lack of paper towels.

Early this week, an email was sent out to students by university official Eric Sheppard, addressing that there were issues in several campus buildings with toilets being blocked by large masses of hand towels and toilet paper.

According to Sheppard, the university has had to go through a costly process of locating blockages and repairing the water pumps that they damaged in order to keep campus sewage under control. In concluding his email, Sheppard asked the campus community be mindful of what they flush down toilets.

Many of us are at the end of our teens and in our early 20s, so it’s a little comical that we still haven’t learned how to respect public facilities. At this point, it should be a little embarrassing to be scolded for flushing inappropriate items down the toilet.

College is the last stop in our journey to adulthood. It’s where we learn how to become independent self- sufficient human beings with minimal supervision. One of the most integral responsibilities of an adult is taking care of their personal property, whether it is an apartment, car, or something as trivial as a cell phone.

As long as we call ourselves students of Edinboro University, the bathrooms we use every day are our responsibility.

Yes, we have facilities staff that maintain the upkeep of the bathrooms on campus, however, we are responsible for making sure that the bathrooms don’t look like a class of kindergarteners just stormed through it at the end of the day. That means putting hand towels in the trash bins where they belong.

Too often we students complain that the administration treats us like children and refuses

to give us a voice about issues that directly affect us. However, if we continue to fail at even placing our hand towels in the garbage bin, I don’t see how the university administration would feel comfortable discussing allowing alcohol on campus or taking a softer stance
on things like on-campus parties.

The first step to adulting is actually acknowledging that we’re adults. That means putting hand towels where they belong — that is not in the toilet. Can we please do that? 

Shayma Musa is the copy editor for The Spectator. She can be reached at voices.spectator@gmail.com. 

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