Who’s running in the House District 16 midterm elections: Kelly v. DiNicola

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Wednesday, October 24th, 2018 at 5:40 PM

In perhaps one of the most important midterm races of the upcoming Pennsylvania elections, incumbent congressman Mike Kelly faces off against democrat Ron DiNicola for the House District 16 seat. 

Mike Kelly, Republican 

Kelly has called Pittsburgh, specifically Butler County, home for his entire life. He grew up around his father’s dealership and when the federal government took over General Motors in 2009, and demanded that Kelly and his family stop selling Cadillacs, Kelly was motivated to sue GM (a lawsuit that he won) and run for congress. Kelly states among his most important issues are education. 

With his wife, who was a previous school teacher, he worked to found educational programs like: the Butler Quarterback Club and the Golden Tornado Scholastic Foundation which help provides educational solutions to kids in Butler County. Kelly says that his longtime residence in Butler puts him in tune with the needs of the residents of District 16. 

Ron DiNicola, Democrat 

DiNicola is a Erie native and the child of immigrants, growing up on Erie’s east side. He served as the Erie County solicitor and in various capacities in the city of Erie. DiNicola states amongst his most important issues are expanding pre-K education access throughout Pennsylvania, making community collages an option for more students, and creating relationships between police officers and the communities they serve. DiNicola states that his involvement in state and local politics along with his long residence in Erie county make him a candidate that will best represent district 16 in congress.

District 16 is yet another example of how the Pennsylvania Supreme Court’s redistricting of Pennsylvania might work out to favor democrats this election.  District 16 was previously split between two districts and was brought together after the redistricting giving democrats a greater chance of winning the district in the upcoming primary elections. 

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