Who’s running in the PA State midterm election: District 6, U.S. Congress

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Thursday, November 1st, 2018 at 8:39 AM

The candidates for District 6 for U.S. Congress are:


The Democratic candidate is Chrissy Houlahan. Running in opposition to President Donald Trump’s policies, she feels that he is “misrepresent[ing] our values, as he enriches himself, his relatives and his wealthy friends, all the while diminishing opportunities for everyone else.” 

Houlahan wants to use Congress as a check on his power and called the 2017-2018 Republican-controlled Congress “complicit both in their votes and in their silence on many issues that we care most about.”

She states that her inspiration to run came from the January 2017 Women’s March and acknowledges the energy among female voters like herself who “have found their voice and participated in extraordinary ways to protect our values over the course of this past year.”

Her history includes a bachelor’s degree in engineering from Stanford University and a master’s degree in technology and policy from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). She also served in the U.S. Air Force, was chief operating officer of AND1 Basketball and COO of the nonprofits B-Lab and Springboard Collaborative. She currently works as a nonprofit director.


On the Republican side is Greg McCauley. He states that he wants to focus on issues that concern voters of both parties, including loan debt and term limits.

He also claims that he will be an independent voice in Congress, that he is not a career politician, and that he is concerned about the wellbeing of future generations. He wants to solve problems with, in his words, “commonsense solutions” instead of “‘kick[ing] the can’ down the road to future generations of representatives.” 

McCauley holds a Bachelor of Science from St. Joseph’s University with his Juris Doctorate from Widener University Law School. His work history consists of being an associate attorney at Blank, Rome, Comisky and McCauley before he opened his own tax practice more than 30 years ago. For 20 years he owned and ran a chain of Wendy’s restaurants and worked for Quigley. McCauley is currently an attorney. 

More information can be found on the campaign websites for each candidate, which are mccauleyforcongress.com and chrissyhoulahnforcongress.com.

Amber Chisholm can be reached at voices.spectator@gmail.com.

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