Who’s who on the 2018 Pennsylvania Ballot

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Wednesday, September 5th, 2018 at 4:32 PM

When Donald Trump won the 2016 presidential election, Republicans took the U.S. House of Representatives, the U.S. Senate, and in effect, Congress. When Nov. 6 rolls around however, Democrats have a chance to take the house back and altering, slightly, the political scene in Washington. Edinboro falls in District 50, as recognized by the Pennsylvania State Senate, which includes all of Crawford and Mercer counties, along with portions of Erie and Warren. In the general election on Nov. 6, Republican Michelle Brooks and Democrat Sue Mulvey are both vying to represent District 50. The upcoming election is also referred to as a “midterm election” because it is taking place halfway through the reign of Trump.
Sue Mulvey is a first-time candidate with an extensive nursing background. While getting her nursing degree, Mulvey started a coat drive now known as “Warmth for Winter,” which provides jackets to underprivileged children. Mulvey also founded a nonprofit called The WiNS Project, which has provided 37,000 weekend nutrition packages to children of the Crawford Center School District. On her campaign page, Mulvey promises to fight for “better jobs, public education, and affordable access to quality, local healthcare.”
Brooks has been the incumbent, or the individual holding office, since 2014. Prior to becoming a state senator, she served in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, representing District 17 and sponsoring the following bills: a resolution honoring police officers who have lost their lives in the line of duty; a resolution recognizing and paying tribute to the coal industry for the important role it plays in the state; and  a variety of bills that created new initiatives, such as “National Safe Boating Week” from May 19-25 and “Nurses Week” from May 6-12. She is the first woman ever elected to represent Districts 50 and 17.
Since her election as state senator, Brooks has worked as chair of the aging and youth committee, along with being vice chair of the health and human services committee. She has also participated in the agriculture, local government, and veterans affairs committees. Her goals as outlined on her campaign site are job creation and fiscal responsibility in addition to serving as “a strong but compassionate voice for children, older citizens and rural Pennsylvanians.”
Ryan Bizzarro, an Edinboro alumnus, is running unopposed on the Nov. 6 ballot for the Pennsylvania House of Representatives. Bizzarro, an incumbent, will continue to represent District 3 — spanning across Millcreek, McKean, and Edinboro — upon reelection.

“Who’s who” will run for the next several weeks giving short summaries on candidates from Pennsylvania running for state and federal positions. The intentions of this column is not to influence a vote in either direction.

Zeila Hobson can be reached at voices.spectator@gmail.com

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