Widespread outages plague Edinboro area

Thursday, September 8th, 2016 at 7:03 PM
Widespread outages plague Edinboro area by Britton Rozzelle
Photo: Steven Tagliente

A slight commotion in the normally calm town of Edinboro occured this Thursday when a storm caused several power outages in the immediate area.

Establishments like the ‘Boro McDonald's and Country Fair both lost power, causing a stir that resulted in the tripping of the fire alarm in the popular food chain prompting several emergency services to the scene.

According to several citizens at the scene, other fire departments including Crawford and McKean are on standby for any potential threats for the time being. 

Closer to campus, several reports regarding power have been spreading via social media of varying degrees of severity, with several students claiming repeated outages in buildings like the Highlands and Compton Hall. Some are dismayed, others rejoicing due to the interruption to their night classes.

We’ve reached out to both local fire and police departments for further clarification on the severity of the incident, and will update this story as necessary.

For more by the minute updates, stay tuned to local television and social media: 

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