Wizardfest 2019 faces hiccups, looks to return for 10th year

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Friday, September 27th, 2019 at 11:50 AM
Wizardfest 2019 faces hiccups, looks to return for 10th year by The Spectator
Wizardfest 2019 is over, and Dr. Corbin Fowler (center right) will look to bring back the celebration for a 10th year in 2020. | Contributed Photo

This year’s Wizardfest (previously Potterfest before copyright concerns forced a change in name), took place from Sept. 14-21.

In an extended post from the official Wizardfest Facebook page, they detailed the positives and negatives related to this year’s celebration. The post, in full, reads: “Our 9th Wizardfest/Potterfest is now over. It was not our best fest, but it had some highlights: Wizard Escape Room, HP Movie Music night, Wizard Promenade to the Boro, and Jennifer Dennehy and students hoop dancing to HP music. Jennifer and [the] students gave a marvelous performance today, not only using hoops, but also floating wands. As the opening act of Goodell Gardens Harvest Festival, it was a great way to finish the nine days of Wizardfest.

“This year, we had to retire our fun HP parody play by Maribeth and troupe, Day at the Castle had to be canceled, we had to cancel quidditch play, and very few people turned out to listen to the great wizard wrock of Muggle Snuggle. There will be a 10th annual Wizardfest, but the main venue will likely be changed to one weekend for most of the events, and the venue probably will be off campus.

“In the ‘real’ muggle world, these are dark times indeed, but the HP story helps us remember to find happiness in the darkness by turning on the light.”

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