Wood Club exhibition features students and alumni

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Friday, November 8th, 2019 at 11:05 AM
Wood Club exhibition features students and alumni by Amber Chisholm
'Waves' by Stephanie Bryan.

With pieces in all shapes, sizes and styles, Wood Club’s recent Bates Gallery exhibit featured student woodwork from both the undergraduate and graduate levels. The opening reception kicked off at 6 p.m. on Oct. 30.

Chase Chaffee, a woodworking and furniture design major, had three pieces in the show, which was his first, and these included his corner shelf, bartop table and microbox.

Chaffee was originally a computer animation major, yet after taking “Wood I” as a three-dimensional art elective, he eventually made the decision to switch.

“I’ve enjoyed it. I think it was the right choice, and I think it’s gonna take me pretty far,” he said.

Chaffee then explained that most of his work, up to this point, has been function-based, in that he tries “to push the form of it to maximize the space that it’s ultimately gonna be in.”

Graduate student Victoria Branagan, who is working toward her master’s degree in metals and jewelry, submitted a piece called “Teaspoons for MeMe,” which featured six wooden spoons on a copper ring.

Named after Branagan’s grandmother, it is intended to be a Christmas gift for her as it resembles times when they would bake together.
Branagan, who is currently focused on making spoons, got involved with woodworking as an extension to her current major. She’s always loved doing it and believes the material is versatile.

“It’s been something that I’ve wanted to get more comfortable with [when] incorporating into my other work,” she said. Her preferred material is mainly cherry wood, walnut and maple.

She also appreciates the atmosphere and thought put into this particular show: “Even though they’re all the same basic pieces and the same basic objects, everyone has their own take and spin on how to make it and how to make it more creative.”

Karen Ernst, a professor in the art department and Wood Club faculty advisor, described the show as “a pretty good collection of a lot of different semesters’ worth of work,” citing the focus on boxes and cabinets in the Spring 2019 semester.

Ernst also mentioned work reflecting Japanese influence and kumiko art, the latter involving small pieces put into larger ones and made by senior fine arts major Stephanie Bryan.

“It’s fussy work but I love doing it,” said Bryan, who also has a tropical influence in her work, which was evident in a small dresser drawer called “Waves.”

Jericho Barkley, a fifth-year senior majoring in ceramics and art education, along with a minor in woodworking and furniture design, had five boxes and a cabinet in the show and enjoys combining multiple types of wood.

“I think it’s really nice to try to contrast colors of wood with each other in one piece,” said Barkley.

He also shared the advantages of using milk paint, in that while the substance is not new to contemporary wood and furniture design, it is less commonly used and is his favorite.

“It gets rid of the grain entirely, most of the time, and it’s just a beautiful color and has a lot of potential,” he added.

A wood-focused show typically happens once a year. General gallery questions can be directed to Bates director and art professor David Martin at dwmartin@edinboro.edu.

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Wood club held a reception for the gallery on Oct. 30.'Waves' by Stephanie Bryan.'Triplets' by Jericho Barkely.
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