Zane Carlson wins top Gmitter Scholarship award 

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Wednesday, March 29th, 2017 at 8:15 PM
Zane Carlson wins top Gmitter Scholarship award  by Madi Gross
Photo: Madi Gross

On March 21, the winners of the Michael V. Gmitter Memorial Scholarship were announced in Doucette Hall’s Bruce Galley.

Michael Gmitter was a metals student at Edinboro University who passed away on July 26, 2006. Michael’s parents, Jan Gmitter and her late husband, Richard Gmitter, started the scholarship in memory of him. The scholarship is for senior art students at Edinboro University who submit their artwork to be considered for showcasing in Bruce Gallery.

In a previous interview with The Spectator’s Gabriel Hypes, Dr. Cappy Cournard — an Edinboro metals professor— stated, “Michael was a talented, well-rounded art student.”

This year, 14 students were chosen as nominees for the memorial scholarship to create a showcase in their various art forms: Nicholas Wilkinson, photography; Yurie Hayashi, painting; Courtney Huebner; graphic design; Asuka Kato, animation; Zane Carlson, sculpture and furniture design; Natalie Miczikus, ceramics; Ashley Stone, photography; Ross Kirby, jewelry and metalsmithing; Brenden Lovejoy, graphic and interactive design; David Kiefer, illustration and printmaking; Mathew George, ceramics and printmaking; Rosaline Pekelnickey, oil painting; Seul Yi, metals; and Ryan Zimmerman, wood/ furniture design.

The gallery began to fill with art students and members of the community as it opened the night of the announcement.

“It must be difficult for [the] judges to judge the art due to the different forms” stated Amanda Anstett, a sophomore illustration major attending the event. She continued: “The difference between a sculpture, an illustration and typography design is so much. There is no way to objectively compare them.”

“Using different judges gives us different candidates,” Cournard stated to Hypes, explaining the judging process. “Not every group of judges would choose the same contestant, which leaves a lot of great art out of the exhibition.”

“[This is] the first show I’ve set up, so that’s exciting,” Miczikus said. She stated, “[This has been] a really good experience, it’s an honor to be recognized.”

James Parlin — chairperson of the art department at Edinboro — welcomed the guests of the gallery and gave opening remarks before the scholarship winners were announced. “In order to get into this show you need a body of work,” said Parlin, who then further explained the scholarship to the audience. “Getting into this show itself is an award itself,” he said. Parlin continued: “To get into this show means that you will at one point receive an award.” He then introduced the sponsor of the scholarship and mother of Michael Gmitter, Jan.

Jan Gmitter again welcomed the audience and thanked them all for being at the event. “Michael’s true joy was to make art for his friends,” Jan stated. She further spoke of her son and told of how the scholarship was formed. Jan then recognized each nominee, gave them each a gift, and thanked and congratulated each artist again before announcing the awards.

Four awards of $500 each were given first. The nominees to receive these awards were Zimmerman, Stone, Pekelnickey and George.

“[It was] intimidating to know that I’m in this show with these other artists,” stated Stone about the atmosphere of the event and competition.

Following the first four awards was the winner of $1,500, going to Carlson for his sculpture and furniture design submission.

“Gmitter is a great way to motivate me and my peers,” said Carlson. He continued, “[This experience] pushed the limit on what I thought I could do.”

The gallery will run until April 1. It’s open Tuesday and Thursday from noon. to 7:00 p.m., and Friday and Saturday from noon to 3:00p.m.

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