The Spectator: Vol. 118, No. 1

September 5th, 2018 — September 18th, 2018
Thursday, September 6th, 2018 at 1:00 PM

Minutes after Edinboro football’s 69-0 trouncing over Lake Erie College in a road contest Saturday afternoon, the Fighting Scots coaches had already turned their attention to who they’ll face next weekend.

Wednesday, September 5th, 2018 at 5:46 PM

College in America has changed since its creation. Like most things in the age of technology, equal opportunity arose. Online classes are a practical normality.

Wednesday, September 5th, 2018 at 5:43 PM

Edinboro is known for its rich Scottish heritage. The Highland Games is the university’s most notable example of this.

Wednesday, September 5th, 2018 at 5:40 PM

On May 21, the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education (PASSHE) elected a new chancellor, Daniel Greenstein.

Wednesday, September 5th, 2018 at 5:35 PM

Since 1968, the planetarium at Edinboro University has hosted visitors young and old alike. This year marks the 50th anniversary of the opening and there are a variety of events that visitors can attend to help celebrate the occasion.

Wednesday, September 5th, 2018 at 5:32 PM

There is currently a book donation drive happening on campus to support the program, in which donation boxes placed at nine different locations are still accepting books for toddlers to teenagers.

Wednesday, September 5th, 2018 at 5:30 PM

The Edinboro University community is no stranger to the recent and sudden end of Dr. H. Fred Walker’s tenure as university president, spurred on by a controversial piece in The Chronicle of Higher Education. What may be a surprise, though, is his quick landing at another educational institution.

Wednesday, September 5th, 2018 at 5:27 PM

The rumors are over. Edinboro University officially announced both new academic programs and program reconfigurations this summer, including the much-buzzed about fermentation science major. Included are five new majors in total, three concentrations and two minor programs.

Wednesday, September 5th, 2018 at 5:23 PM

The Edinboro women’s soccer team opened their season at Notre Dame (Ohio) on Aug. 30 with a 1-0 win, but lost their first home game, 4-2, against Shippensburg on Saturday.

Wednesday, September 5th, 2018 at 5:21 PM

New hires and promotions are filling up the Edinboro sports staff in the 2018-19 academic year. 

Wednesday, September 5th, 2018 at 5:19 PM

Edinboro football is poised to make some noise in its 2018 campaign. Last year, the Fighting Scots posted a 7-4 overall record with a 4-3 conference mark.

Wednesday, September 5th, 2018 at 5:12 PM

This past weekend, the Edinboro Fighting Scots women’s volleyball team captured three wins in their first appearances at home during the Rebich Investments Invitational hosted at McComb Fieldhouse on Friday and Saturday.

Wednesday, September 5th, 2018 at 5:06 PM

Serving as a remastered version of 2006’s “Yakuza 2,” originally released on the Playstation 2, “Kiwami” is an enhanced and at times overwhelming game that deserves your time as much as any of the other big releases coming this season.

Wednesday, September 5th, 2018 at 5:02 PM

This album got me through a rough time in my life, and it inspires me to unashamedly be myself today. Therefore, I can positively say that “What if Nothing” by Walk the Moon changed my life, and I will remember it always.

Wednesday, September 5th, 2018 at 5:00 PM

While many students are enjoying their summers off, others, especially art students, are taking their studies outside the classroom, whether for credit or not.

Wednesday, September 5th, 2018 at 4:53 PM

When one finds themselves on the Edinboro campus early in the early fall semester, “Aloha” serves as a greeting to art students, both new and returning, and an opportunity to break out of their concentration and interact with other members of the ‘Boro art community.

Wednesday, September 5th, 2018 at 4:50 PM

Despite being an enjoyable and cohesive album, “Pillar of Na” by Saintseneca completely silenced the word noise that builds in my head during a typical first listening of a release.

Wednesday, September 5th, 2018 at 4:44 PM

Bloom, while extremely different from Blue Neighborhood and Sivan’s other releases, still contains the same uniquely Troye Sivan qualities.

Wednesday, September 5th, 2018 at 4:42 PM

Why are more and more Americans succumbing to suicide? The answers, as most things, tend to vary depending on age, life, income and additional factors.

Wednesday, September 5th, 2018 at 4:33 PM

How to power through it all and stay positive to complete all the expectations placed on you.

Wednesday, September 5th, 2018 at 4:32 PM

“Who’s who” will run for the next several weeks giving short summaries on candidates from Pennsylvania running for state and federal positions. The intentions of this column is not to influence a vote in either direction.

Wednesday, September 5th, 2018 at 4:29 PM

The people who you watch on screen are often not who you think they are. What you see about these celebrities is information controlled and filtered by publicists and the airtight seal of money arrangements — it is not the truth.

Wednesday, September 5th, 2018 at 4:22 PM

Auto-piloting through classes and working for the grade doesn’t help you succeed for the most part. Building skills in college now means taking on extracurriculars, getting involved in organizations and even conducting research.

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