Arcade Review: Soul Calibur 6

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Wednesday, October 24th, 2018 at 5:42 PM
Arcade Review: Soul Calibur 6 by Britton Rozzelle

The 2018 iteration of the decades old “Soul” series is here, with a wealth of single player content and a multiplayer suite to keep even the most casual of fighting game fans in for the ride. Players of all skill levels can benefit from an extensive tutorial and tips section, showing the ins-and-outs of every character on the roster, including the new reversal art engine that adds much needed depth and speed to matches. 

Taking place before “Soul Calibur 2,” this story follows the dread pirate Cervantes’ acquisition (and subsequent loss) of Soul Edge, the sword made exclusively to embody evil, corrupting all who wield it. From there, a bunch of completely inexplicable events occur that defy all logic and probability — in typical Soul Cal fashion. 

To be frank, the story isn’t really the most important part of most fighting games, but this one provides options for both character-specific storylines in an arcade mode, as well as the lengthy “Libra of the Soul” mode, which allows players to create their own characters and fight through an interactive series of levels. 

Throughout the experience, the created avatar of each player can find new equipment, ally with characters from the main game and develop new skills — all while working to discover who they are and why they are connected to the power of the soul edge. 

This feature was the most exciting one, and it proved to be a fun addition to the game that added more depth than a traditional story or arcade mode for the series has in the past. 

The Create-A-Soul feature is largely the most important part of this package. Creating unique characters has never been easier, and each one can be based off of the move-set of an already-existing member of the cast — including the guest, Geralt from “The Witcher” series. Each character can then be shared over online services for users to discover and can also be used in online battles as if they were any other series regular. 

With this opportunity comes the ability for players to also make terrifying recreations of their favorite characters — at time of writing I have encountered everything from poorly constructed Darth-Maul clones to Kirby and obscure character references from things that I wasn’t even positive other people knew about (and, naturally, a lot of really terrible original characters that someone thought looked neat). 

Speaking of, online (at least on Playstation 4) runs particularly smooth for a fighting game at launch, and likely will only improve as time goes on and patches are made — something that seems to have been remedied from Bandai-Namco’s other major fighting release this year — “Dragon Ball Fighterz.” 

Ultimately, “Soul Calibur 6” offers much for the purchase, with more content to be added through a DLC pack. Modes will satisfy fans old and new alike for, likely, a long time. It’s not the type of game that is going to make too many waves, but it doesn’t have to. At this point, the “Soul” series has found an audience, and this is absolutely the one to try in case you haven’t had an opportunity yet. 

Britton Rozzelle can be reached at @BRSomebody.

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